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By Róisín Ryan-Flood

This e-book reports the transforming into variety of lesbian girls embarking on parenthood after popping out. Theoretical debates approximately lesbian motherhood frequently reflect on its assimilative or transgressive dimensions. This booklet offers a various procedure, contextualising lesbian motherhood with regards to sexual citizenship and hegemonic discourses of kinship

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In addition, this new approach called for the abolition of widows’ pensions, the last bastion of women’s economic protection under a male breadwinner system. However, this challenge to existing gender ideologies was not framed within the language of power, but rather as an issue of education and socialisation (Bergman & Hobson, 2002). Policy discourse assumed that women and men’s working lives would become more and more similar over time, as men would also shoulder responsibility for carework. According to this perspective, women’s liberation would be achieved through equal participation in paid employment, thus reflecting the roots of the social democratic welfare state in class-based emancipatory politics.

The lesser importance attached to marriage in Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, has implications for understanding the development of registered partnerships for same sex couples there. Søland (1998) examines the discursive landscape accompanying the introduction of registered partnerships in Denmark. She argues that marriage has lost symbolic value in Denmark and has therefore been extended to same sex couples because it no longer represents the locus of normative family ideologies. In her view, lesbian and gay actors and organisations have been too conformist in their pursuit of this possibility and have unquestioningly accepted middle-class ideals of ‘decent lifestyles’.

Interestingly, the severe shortage of foster carers in Ireland has led some health boards to advertise for foster parents in Irish lesbian and gay press since the 1990s, although this does not appear to have been noticed by the mainstream Irish media. Gender, sexuality and citizenship in Sweden The struggle to attain equal rights for women in relation to paid employment developed quite differently in Sweden compared to Ireland. In 1939 Sweden passed an Act outlawing the dismissal of women on the grounds of marriage, pregnancy or childbirth, legislation that was exceptional in an international context at the time (Gustafsson, 1994).

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