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By Mark Leuchter, Jeremy M. Hutton

Priestly functionaries occupy a paramount place within the research of the Hebrew Bible. regardless of greater than a century of severe examine, questions nonetheless abound concerning social situation and definitions of some of the priestly teams, the depictions in their origins, their ritual capabilities, the function of the laity and kinfolk faith, the connection among prophecy and the priesthood, and the courting of texts. using cross-disciplinary ways, this quantity offers a consultant examine the nation of present study into numerous points of priesthood in old Israel.

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In these introductory verses as they stand, and more specifically in 1:1, we are also told that this family comes from a village called Ramathaim-zophim, in the hill country of Ephraim. Somewhat later in 1 Sam 1:1–2:26, however, in 1:19 and 2:11, the family is described as coming 31. On the date of Shiloh’s destruction, see further n. 46 below. 32. e. date of Ps 78, see Richard J. Clifford, “In Zion and David a New Beginning: An Interpretation of Psalm 78,” in Traditions in Transformation: Turning-Points in Biblical Faith (ed.

Ephraim and Samuel’s Ramah (1 Sam 9:44–5; 10:2–5),” ZPDV 104 (1988): 54–57; see also Karel van der Toorn, “Saul and the Rise of Israelite State Religion,” VT 43 (1993): 522. ” 41. , Hertzberg, I and II Samuel, 23; Klein, 1 Samuel, 5; McCarter, I Samuel, 58, 61–62; and Carol Meyers, “An Ethnoarchaeological Analysis of Hannah’s Sacrifice,” in Pomegranates and Golden Bells: Studies in Biblical, Jewish, and Near Eastern Ritual, Law, and Literature in Honor of Jacob Milgrom (ed. David P. : Eisenbrauns, 1995), 85–86.

In a couple of cases Jacob Milgrom has compared the “Instructions for Temple Personnel” (CTH 264) to the biblical texts. Regarding the priesthood, Milgrom’s attempt to show that the biblical division into priests and Levites had its roots in the second-millennium priestly conduct of the Hittites 43 has to be reconsidered. His most elaborate comparison was in using the text to explain the different tasks of the groups of priests and Levites as guards of the tabernacle. According to Milgrom’s reading of the Hittite text, the Hittite priests, like their biblical counterparts, were divided into two groups of guards, those who guarded inside the precinct—the priests—and those who guarded outside the precinct—the Levites—thus suggesting that a certain group was not allowed to enter the precinct.

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