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By William A. Galston

This publication is a tremendous contribution to the present thought of liberalism via an eminent political theorist. It demanding situations the perspectives of such theorists as Rawls, Dworkin, and Ackerman who think that the essence of liberalism is that it may stay impartial pertaining to other ways of lifestyles and person conceptions of what's reliable or precious. Professor Galston argues that the fashionable liberal nation is dedicated to a particular notion of the human reliable, and consequently has built attribute associations and practices--representative governments, varied societies, marketplace economies, and zones of personal action--in the pursuit of particular public reasons that provide harmony to the liberal kingdom. those reasons consultant liberal public coverage, form liberal justice, require the perform of liberal virtues, and relaxation on a liberal public tradition. accordingly the variety attribute of liberal societies is restricted by way of their institutional, own, and cultural preconditions.

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They don’t question it. They’re loyal little soldiers, a loyalty like you’ve never seen in the history of this fair nation. We even have reeducation camps. They’re called schools and universities. Instead of the drip drip drip of water torture, we have the drone drone drone of mobile devices with voices: they’re called the media. Those are the reeducation camps. They don’t actually send you to a place to relearn. They don’t have to send you anywhere. They took over the places that do the reeducation.

Because they’re scared that the people will know what’s right and support conservative candidates. They can’t have that, so they try to cut off the money supply. Thankfully, not even the Democrats are willing to give up political donations. See, the Democrats know when Bernie from Brooklyn goes too far, and it’s when his ideas start messing with their money. This new world order will be Maoism merged with post-9/11 Islamic jihad. It’s stronger than you could ever imagine. The leftist power brokers—Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, John Kerry, and John Edwards—inserted Obama into the White House, and now all of a sudden, just as the Left is about to complete their act, along comes a billionaire who is a nationalist and they don’t know what to do other than to smear him.

So what is Barry? Well, according to Islamic law, he is a Muslim. It is handed down through patrilineal descent. Now if one in five Americans or more still think he’s a Muslim, is it not a valid discussion point? When did he convert to Christianity? When was he last seen going into a church—one other than the forum abused by that hate-baiting anarchist Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Don’t you think it’s an issue that is worth discussing in a predominantly Christian nation? A more important question might be, why don’t the media think it’s important?

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