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By Ian Young, Robert Rezetko, Martin Ehrensvärd

Since the start of serious scholarship biblical texts were dated utilizing linguistic facts. in the past there was no creation to and accomplished evaluation of the sphere. quantity 1 introduces the linguistic courting of biblical texts. The booklet examines the foundations and technique used to tell apart Archaic, Early and overdue biblical Hebrew; the connection among linguistic features and linguistic chronology or historic origins; the results of dialects and diglossia on textual feedback; and the importance of extra-biblical resources. Key textual content samples and their linguistic beneficial properties are provided, with concrete illustrations and tips for discussion.

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38. How Wright arrived at the total figure of ‘40’ is unclear to us. We find 56 features discussed in his book: 5 in Chapter 2; 6 in Chapter 3; 8 in Chapter 4; 15 in Chapter 5; 22 in Chapter 6. Linguistic Dating o f Biblical Texts 32 Nevertheless, for the purposes of this study it is possible to outline a working hypothesis as to which general period each biblical book belongs: pre-exilic, exilic, or post-exilic. When specific chapters or sections within a given book cause particular problems for dating, special note will be made (Wright 2005: 8).

Driver 1913a: 506, 536; Hurvitz 1972a: 79-88, 110-13; Polzin 1976: 142, 147; Kutscher 1982: 43, 81, 84; Bergey 1983: 31-34; Qimron 1986: 66; Rooker 1990a: 56-57; Saenz Badillos 1993: 116-17; Wright 2005: 135-37; Polak 2006c: 121 n. 23. 22. The other four occurrences of in BH are in the EBH language of Jer. 31 and Ps. 7. 23. See Hurvitz 1972a: 20-26; 1973: 76; 1995a: 5-6; 2000a: 148^9, 153; cf. Bergey 1983: 17-19; Rooker 1990a: 55-57; Wright 2005: 6-7. With respect to Aramaisms in particular, see Hurvitz 1968: 238-39; 2003b: 35.

He ends his thesis by suggesting that two matters for further research are the influence of Aramaic on language change and the definition and identification of the phenomenon of archaising (Guenther 1977: 205-206). 7. Andrew E. Hill Hill wrote his PhD thesis on Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi under Mendenhall (and others) at The University of Michigan (Hill 1981). It has not been published, but Hill has made available short excerpts as articles (Hill 1982, 1983) and in his Anchor Bible commentary on Malachi (Hill 1998: 77-84; cf.

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