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By A.R. Ferchmin, S. Kobe, M. Sostarich

Quantity 19 of workforce III (Crystal and reliable kingdom Physics) offers with the magnetic houses of metals, alloys and metal compounds. the volume of data on hand during this box is so huge that numerous subvolumes are had to hide all of it. Subvolumes III/19a via III/19f deal with the intrinsic magnetic houses, i.e. these magnetic houses which rely purely at the chemical composition and the crystal constitution. thus far, subvolumes III/19a, III/19b, III/19c, III/19e1 and III/19e2 have seemed. III/19d1 and III/19d2 will stick with presently. facts at the houses that rely on the training of the samples measured, as for example, skinny movies, amorphous alloys or the magnetic alloys utilized in technical purposes, are being compiled within the final subvolumes of III/19: III/19g (Thin movies) which got here out in 1988, the current subvolume III/19h which covers the magnetic houses of liquid quenched alloys containing transition components, and III/19i.

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O- Tc Tc Pm, Tc vs. D)z vs. dso- Properties Figures P. d% 18 T, vs. & %oNi,oP,,B, 6221& Pm,4 =c ho 4 PTW Bs =c he 4 critical exponents as TC 295 as*xg-I vs. T AT, vs. 3hPM’%& D 42 Tc D vs. l)75PdW, Properties Figures Tables Composition range 18 20 9b 45 9b 140 18 9b 18 45 18 44 18 45 45 44 D Tc. 06)90- Fe-Ni-Si-B Fe,,Ni,,Si,,B, VITROVAC 4 xi=n critical exponents us, 4 Tc. ,, To T, vs. x h,, Tc vs. 67h0 0$x530 L-07 d T,ldp vs. 60),5PI,%& 140 Tc Tc Tc Co-Ni-P (Co,-,NiJ,,P,, T,, TX vs. SB15Si5 PFe.

Paramagnetic properties. XP lo+ cm3/g Xm-Lore 10-4cm3/mo! Xm Q 10U6cm3/moI K Remarks Berr,co T pa K Ref. 00 600 K 700 b x- Fig. 18. 1,0. (a) Reciprocal of magnetic susceptibility, xi l, as a function of temperature, T. TM, as a function of Mn content, x [86Yl]. Kobe, Ferchmin Landolt-Kmstein New Series 111/19h Ref. p. 3 Amorphous 3d-M: paramagnetic properties 100 50 150 200 250 K 300 45 55 55 65 85 15 x- TReciprocal magnetic volume susFig. 19. Co,,Sn,,. ceptibility, H/4nM (dimensionless, in cgs-units) of a sputtered specimen as a function of temperature, T [82MlO].

Fe-P-As, FeMn-P and Fe-Ni-B-P alloys [77Sl], sputtered Ni-Y alloys [78Ll], Fe-Ni-B-Si alloys [80Gl]. After [8234]. l %&&qq 5 0 100 200 300 r,- 400 500 600 K 700 Fig. 16. FesiP,,As,, Fe,sTa,,, Fe,&r,,B,,, Fe,,Cr20B15, Fe6&rd15, Fe75CrloP15, R$LBloPl,, Ratio of the number of magnetic car%N6~Bl~Plo. riers per atom calculated from the Curie-Weiss constant and from the saturation magnetization at OK, qc/qs (defined by& = qc(qc+ q)&, andp,, = qspB,respectively), as a function of Curie temperature, Tc (RhodesWohlfarth plot).

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