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By V.V. Eremenko, N.F. Kharchenko, Yu.G. Litvinenko, V.M. Naumenko

Certain magnetic fabrics have optical houses that lead them to appealing for a wide selection of functions reminiscent of optical switches. This publication describes the physics of 1 category of such magnetooptic fabrics, the insulating antiferromagnets. The authors summarize contemporary effects about the constitution, optical homes, spectroscopy, and magnetooptical houses of those fabrics. particularly, they give thought to magnetic section transitions, symmetry results, the linear magnetooptical impact, magnons, spectroscopic examine of spin waves, photoinduced magnetic results, and the consequences of impurities.

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Concerning the cases of elliptical birefringence studied in this paper, it is advantageous to write the expression for the phase difference in the system of coordinates connected with the directions of optical axes in the crystal. 44) for a biaxial crystal it has the following form ~2 = ( 2nt '1,)2{((n m A cos 'I' np~ s~n (}1 sin (}2)2 + (n+ _ sm V n_)2 cos 2 ~}. 65) Here '" is the average angle between the ray direction in the crystal and normal to the plate surface z. 1, _ 'I' - cos () 1 cos V + sin (}1 sin V(cos (}2 - cos .

Mm, the LMOE is symmetrically forbidden. In the second group (compensated AFM of classes 222, mm2, and mmm) it causes the optical indicatrix rotation around direction H if the field is applied in parallel to the symmetry axes. In the third group of orthorhombic magnetic crystals, the LMOE can cause either the indicatrix rotations around the directions perpendicular to H at symmetrical orientations of the field, or the indicatrix deformation. This group comprises pyromagnetic cyrstals of center-symmetrical m!!!!!!

12, photograph 3) shows the apparent AFM nonuniformity in the specimen-its division into AFM+ and AFM- domains. The metastable AFM state remains stable in fields up to 6, lOT at elastic stresses of about 30 kg/cm 2 and 20 kg/cm 2 , respectively. Fig. 11. Optical biaxiality in the tetragonal crystal of AFM COF2 induced by a longitudinal magnetic field H II C4 II L. litH: , T 1, 6 5, 3 5,8 6, 9 8,8 Fig. 12. Reorientation of the optical axes arrangement under the AFM remagnetization of cobalt fluoride, H II C4 11 L.

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