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Significant advantages to approach structure could end result if cooling structures for parts will be eradicated with out compromising functionality. This publication surveys the state of the art for the 3 significant large bandgap fabrics (silicon carbide, nitrides, and diamond), assesses the nationwide and foreign efforts to strengthen those fabrics, identifies the technical boundaries to their improvement and manufacture, determines the factors for effectively packaging and integrating those units into present structures, and recommends destiny study priorities.

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Such a passage is materialized by a slow sweep of ν0 , which can in turn be done by sweeping of the carrier frequency or of the magnetic field. Another possibility is the sweeping of νQ . Because of its orientation dependence, the quadrupolar splitting can easily be varied by simply turning the sample. The passage is adiabatic if the change in νQ is sufficiently slow for the condition α > 1 to be satisfied, with the adiabaticity parameter defined as α = ωnut 2 /(dωQ /dt). Magic-angle spinning (MAS) is a particularly effective method for νQ sweeping, since νQ of any crystallite experiences two or four zero-crossings per rotation cycle.

2. 10. 14 The angles θ and φ are not the polar angles of the z axis in (x, y, z). RELATED ARTICLES IN THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE Average Hamiltonian Theory Double Rotation High Speed MAS of Half-Integer Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solids Internal Spin Interactions and Rotations in Solids Quadrupolar Interactions 15 Line Narrowing Methods in Solids 12. G. E. , S. A. Feller, and P. J. Bray, J. Magn. , 1977, 27, 121. Magic Angle Spinning: Effects of Quadrupolar Nuclei on Spin-1/2 Spectra 13.

Doane, in Magnetic Resonance of Phase Transitions, eds. F. J. Owens, C. P. , and H. A. Farach, Academic Press, New York, 1979. 39. D. M. Brink and G. R. , Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1968, p. 51. Chapter 2 Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solids Alexander J. 1 Introduction Basic Spin Properties Interaction with Radiofrequency Fields Experimental Methods Theory References 17 18 25 29 36 43 INTRODUCTION Nuclei with spin quantum number I 1 have an electric quadrupole moment that couples with the inhomogeneous internal electric fields existing in molecules and solids.

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