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2) which has been determined by electrophoresis on acrylamide-agarose gels relative to the RNA of bovine enterovirus (Todd and Martin, 1975) and ribosomal RNA (Petermann and Pavlovec, 1966). However, no information is available on the size of virion RNA after denaturation. An unusual feature of paramyxovirus 50S RNA is its ability to selfanneal. Sendai virus RNA has been shown to anneal to variable extents (16% to 60%) (Portner and Kingsbury, 1970; Robinson, 1970). This implies that the 50S complementary strand of the genome can be encapsidated and can be incorporated into virions (Kingsbury, 1974).

6 Rosettes of 12-5 nm spikes on membrane fragments which result from Tween 80-ether treatment of measles virus. virion contains about 2,000 sub-units, then it would be highly improbable that other proteins present only in small numbers (such as 50) would be detected by present methods of analysis. The structural features of measles virus derived by the biochemical dissection of purified virions are summarized in Fig. 7. 54 MEASLES VIRUS AND ITS BIOLOGY T h e nucleocapsid sub-unit has a molecular weight of 60,000 a n d is sensitive to cleavage b y proteolytic enzymes to fragments of approxim a t e l y 38,000 and 24,000 daltons respectively.

These results suggest that the two glycoproteins present in the envelope are associated strongly even after release from the virus. Electron microscopy of tween-ether-released components shows them as rosettes (Fig. 6). COMMENT In conclusion, we can now say that there are at least six structural proteins associated with measles virus as detected by radioactive labelling techniques, although other minor components may be present which STRUCTURE AND COMPONENTS OF MEASLES VIRUS 53 would not be detected by the present analytical methods used.

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