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By Arnost Kleinzeller, Sergio Grinstein and Ori D. Rotstein (Eds.)

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Characterization of Biologically Relevant Chemoattractant Receptors A. N-Formylated Oligopeptide Chemoattractant Receptors B. Chemoattractant Receptors for LTB4 C. Chemoattractant Receptors for C5a D. Interleukin I (IL-I) Receptors References 1. PHYSIOLOGY OF PHAGOCYTIC CELL FUNCTION MEDIATED BY CHEMOATTRACTANTS A. The Biologically Relevant Chemoattractants The localization of phagocytes to sites of intrusion by foreign materials was first described by Metchnikoff more than a century ago (Metchnikoff, 1891).

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