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By T. Pearson

This learn deals a clean examining of non secular conversion via reading a number of “missionaries” that sought to steer the Montagnard-Dega refugee. Thomas Pearson makes use of ethnographic and archival study to inform the tale of cross-cultural touch within the highlands through the Vietnam conflict, Christian conversion, refugee exile, and the formation of the Dega refugee group within the usa. His insightful research considers not only evangelicals and Catholics, yet humanitarian employees within the highlands, refugee resettlement volunteers within the usa, and the yankee distinct Forces infantrymen. This e-book makes the case that the Dega have appropriated the anthropological and non secular discourses of this disparate crew of missionaries to recreate themselves via a multivalent “conversion.”

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Like a classical ethnographer he plied his informants with small gifts of cigarettes and alcohol. “Then they tell me the old stories, the old ways of doing things. And I write it down. ” Hip wants to include the traditions of the Rhadé and Koho tribes (also present in the North Carolina refugee population) so that his book will be representative of the entire Dega population. But in any case, he explained to me, all the Dega people are essentially the same—thus reproducing the simultaneous assertion and denial of internal differences within “the Montagnard” population that was a hallmark of French ethnography.

The only “origin myth” I know that narrates the origins of the highland people as a collectivity was handed to me by Hip K’Sor, a Dega refugee community leader. Hip is a native Jarai speaker. ” Hip’s narrative seems to quite purposefully account for French ethnographic constructions by placing the original Dega ancestors in the “islands of Malaysia” (where people speak languages belonging to the same Malayo-Polynesian linguistic family as the languages spoken in the highlands). It also acknowledges and purports to overcome the French-identified ethnolinguistic differences within a highland population that speaks both Malayo-Polynesian as well as Mon Khmer languages (the language family shared with Khmer people living in the Cambodian lowlands).

Com - licensed to Chung Hua University - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-04 In a 1972 “Distinguished Lecture” before the American Anthropological Association, French anthropologist Georges Condominas described his outrage and dismay upon discovering that his monograph of a Mong Gar village in the central highlands had been translated into English by the CIA without his permission or knowledge. S. 27 The cozy relationship between the Department of Defense and the American social scientific establishment blew up into a great controversy in 1964 when “Project Camelot”—an ongoing series of studies on insurrection in Latin America—was suddenly uncovered by the American press and investigated by Congress.

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