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For example, Athena mentors Odysseus by first forcing him to acknowledge his anima as he develops patience over time. Only when he has learned to graciously accept help does she stoke the fire of his animus so he might exact maximum revenge from the suitors. In the model of Odysseus embracing his anima, it is also quite possible for a man rather than a woman to assume the role of the mother in the psyche of his friend, and for the friend to project the mother archetype onto the man. Alternately, the archetypal hero is not necessarily male; Joseph Campbell, whose writings are based on Jung's archetypal theory, notes in The Power of Myth that all individuals have the potential to be heroes simply by embarking on a quest to find "the germinal idea that will have the potentiality of bringing forth that new thing" (167).

Trinkets, jewelry, and small tools (Fromm 154) signify both wealth and creative expression, two aspects to which civilizations under stress would not be devoting their time or energy. Architectural ruins do not reveal a large distinction between the living conditions of the rich and the poor, leading historians to deduce that there was little internal unrest. The remains of the dead also seem to point to a peaceful, somewhat more egalitarian society in which women were honored at least as much as, if not more than, men.

Even Apollo, whose oracle at Delphi is a prominent element in classical mythology, actually defers to Gaia's earlier, more primal role. In all the tales of gods and heroes, no deity appears more frequently than Apollo and no place is more sacred than Delphi, as it is the source of all infallible truth. It causes Orestes' entire predicament after Apollo tacitly authorizes him to commit matricide. Similarly, Oedipus sends Creon to Delphi in his desperate effort to save Thebes from plague. Apollo's word is law and it is, ironically, Orestes' acceptance, as well as Oedipus' refusal of this truth that dooms to his fate.

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