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By Mirza Bichurin, Vladimir Petrov

This ebook brings jointly a number of contributions to the sector of magnetoelectric (ME) composites which have been mentioned thus far. Theoretical versions of ME coupling in composites relate to the vast frequency diversity: from low-frequency to microwave ones and are in line with simultaneous fixing the elastostatic/elastodynamic and electrodynamics equations. prompt versions permit one to optimize magnetoelectric parameters of a composite. The authors desire to supply a few assimilation of proof into determine wisdom for readers new to the sector, in order that the possibility of the sector may be made obvious to new generations of expertise to develop the topic matter.

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1. m, and that of the magnetic phase is cubic. The following boundary conditions can then be used to derive expressions for ME coefficients. Si ¼ km Si þ ð1 À kÞp Si0 ; ði ¼ 1; 2Þ p Ti ¼ Àm Ti ð1 À vÞ= v; ði ¼ 1; 2Þ p ð2:6Þ where v ¼ pv=ðpv þ m vÞ, p v and m v denote the Poisson’s ratio of the piezoelectric and magnetostrictive phases, respectively; and pS10 and pS20 are the strain tensor components for k = 0. 22 2 Low-Frequency Magnetoelectric Effects Using continuity conditions for magnetic and electric fields, and using open circuit condition, one can then obtain the following expressions for the ME susceptibility, and longitudinal ME voltage coefficient.

The dependence of the effective ME voltage coefficient, defined as aE;33 ¼ Àa33 =e33 ; on the piezoelectric phase volume fraction can then be easily obtained, as shown in Fig. 9. These graphical solutions then allow one to determine the piezoelectric and magnetostrictive phase volume fractions that yield maximum values for the effective ME susceptibility (Fig. 8) and the ME voltage coefficient (Fig. 9). The values of the ME voltage coefficient in Fig. 10 coincide with previously published data (Harshe et al.

4 ME voltage coefficient for a perfectly bonded (k = 1) symmetric structure of CFO and PZT for in-plane longitudinal field orientation. The poling field and dc and ac magnetic and electric fields are in the sample plane and parallel to each other. Inset shows variation of maximum aE,33 and the corresponding vmax with k PZT-rich compositions. 3b shows the dependence of the maximum value in aE;33 on k, where calculations are illustrated for various values of vmax . With increasing k, a near-linear increase was found in the maximum value of aE;33 .

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