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Molecular Biology of RNA Tumor Viruses

summary: Molecular Biology of RNA Tumor Viruses

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Molecular Biology of RNA Tumor Viruses

Molecular Biology of RNA Tumor Viruses summary: Molecular Biology of RNA Tumor Viruses

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Virol. 28, 457-465. Dmochowski, L. (1965). Viruses and their relationship to animal and human tumors. Tex. Rep. Biol. Med. 23, 5 3 9 - 5 6 1 . , and Orr, J. W. (1949). Chemically induced breast tumours and the mammary tumour agent. Br. J. Cancer 3 , 520-525. Dougherty, R. , and DiStefano, H. S. (1966). Lack of relationship between infection with avian leukosis virus and the presence of COFAL antigen in chick embryos. Virology 29, 586-595. Duesberg, P. H. (1968). Physical properties of Rous sarcoma virus RNA.

C. (1968). Studies on the nature and genetic control of an antigen in normal chick embryos which reacts in the COFAL test. J. Gen. Virol. 3 , 3 7 9 - 3 9 1 . Peters, R. , Rabstein, L. , Kelloff, G. , and Huebner, R. J. (1974). Naturally occurring sarcoma virus in the BALB/cCr mouse. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 5 3 , 1725-1729. , Rowe, W. P . , and Lilly, F. (1971). A major genetic locus affecting resistance to infection with murine leukemia viruses. II. Apparent identity to a major locus described for resis- 42 Murray Β.

Quite surprisingly, the endogenous baboon virus is partially related genetically to the endogenous feline type C virus, RD-114, whereas the DNA of these species is not at all related. Since most members of the cat family lack these sequences it was concluded that the baboon virus, or a closely related progenitor virus, infected and became part of the germ cell line of the evolutionarily distant ancestors of the domestic cat. Nucleic acid homologies between viral and cellular genomes suggested other similar examples of type C virus spread between species (Todaro, 1975).

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