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This trip in the course of the attention-grabbing international of molecular topology makes a speciality of catenanes, rotaxanes and knots, their synthesis, homes, and functions and the speculation of interlocking and interpenetrating molecules. approximately 100 years of development have handed given that Willstatter's speculative imaginative and prescient of a molecule including interlinked jewelry. yet even this present day the synthesis of such constructions are a problem to the creativity of artificial chemists. those molecules should not in basic terms of educational curiosity, on account that they take place evidently. In such molecules as DNA, knots and similar topological positive aspects play a key position in biochemical procedures. additionally, wide examine at the houses of polyrotaxanes and polycatenanes convey strength purposes as molecular magnets, wires or switches.

Twelve overseas prime specialists within the box current the large and bold spectrum of the topology of those molecules, from theoretical features and new pathways in synthesis to probing their houses. All researchers operating during this interdisciplinary sector, even if natural, inorganic or polymer chemists, in addition to fabric scientists, will welcome this accomplished and up to date paintings as an inspiring resource for artistic study ideas.

Chapter 1 Chemical Topology ? Statistical Musings (pages 1–6): E. Wassennan
Chapter 2 A Knot Theoretic method of Molecular Chirality (pages 7–35): Erica Flapan
Chapter three smooth and tough Molecule?Based Magnets with an absolutely Interlocked Three?Dimensional constitution (pages 37–55): Olivier Kahn, Lahcene Ouahab, Corine Mathoniere and Humberto O. Stumpf
Chapter four Transition Metal?Incorporating Catenanes (pages 57–76): Makoto Fujita
Chapter five Catenane and Rotaxane Motifs in Interpenetrating and Self?Penetrating Coordination Polymers (pages 77–106): Stuart R. Batten and Richard Robson
Chapter 6 Molecular Knots ? From Early makes an attempt to High?Yield Template Syntheses (pages 107–142): Christiane Dietrich?Buchecker, Gwenael Rapenne and Jean?Pierre Sauvage
Chapter 7 natural Template?Directed Syntheses of Catenanes, Rotaxanes, and Knots (pages 143–176): Francisco M. Raymo and J. Fraser Stoddart
Chapter eight Amide?Based Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Pretzelanes (pages 177–222): Christiane Heim, Dirk Udelhofen and Fritz Vogtle
Chapter nine Polymer Chains in Constraining Environments (pages 223–246): J. E. Mark
Chapter 10 Polycatenanes, Poly[2]catenanes, and Polymeric Catenanes (pages 247–276): Yves Geerts
Chapter eleven Polyrotaxanes ? Syntheses and homes (pages 277–321): Caiguo Gong and Hany W. Gibson
Chapter 12 artificial DNA Topology (pages 323–356): Nadrian C. Seeman

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What is important is that some of the Hopf links in T ( G ) look like the labeled link on the left in Figure 20, however none of the links in T(G) look like the labeled link on the right of Figure 20. Each component of the link on the left in Figure 20 contains both an X and an N , in addition to the six 0s. We can imagine that there is an arrow on the edge going from the X towards the N. If we could deform the link on the left in Figure 20 to its mirror image, illustrated on the right, this deformation would take each X to an X and each N to an N, and hence would preserve the direction of these arrows.

We remember that magnetic ordering is essentially a three-dimensional property. It was then evident that we would pursue our efforts to increase the dimensionality further. These efforts led us to compounds with the structures described in this section. S which would have the capability to bridge two transition metal ions belonging to two adjacent layers; secondly we wanted to use a paramagnetic instead of a diamagnetic cation cat+ to increase the magnetic density of the compound. This led us to work with radical cations of the type: R belonging to the nitronyl nitroxide family.

The examples given above, as well as other similar examples, show that a molecular graph may be topologically achiral, while the corresponding molecular cell complex is topologically chiral and the molecule itself is chiral. On the other hand, if the cell complex of a molecule is topologically achiral, then the graph of that molecule is necessarily topologically achiral as well. More generally, all of the topological information that a molecular graph contains about the molecule is also contained in the molecular cell complex, but, in addition, the molecular cell complex contains the information that certain types of molecular deformations cannot occur.

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