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By Mark M. Turnbull, Toyonari Sugimoto, Lawrence K. Thompson

content material: Molecule-based magnets : an creation / Joel S. Miller and Arthur J. Epstein --
alternate interplay of natural spin platforms / Y. Teki and okay. Itoh --
Theoretical methods to molecular magnetism / T. Kawakami ... [et al.] --
Magnetic-susceptibility dimension innovations / Charles J. O'Connor --
Superconducting quantum interference gadget stories in molecule-based magnetism / Pamela A. Salyer and Leonard W. ter Haar --
non-stop wave and Fourier rework pulsed electron magnetic resonance spectroscopy in organic-molecular magnetism : idea and purposes / T. Takui ... [et al.] --
Heat-capacity calorimetry of molecule-based magnetic fabrics / Michio Sorai --
Use of Mössbauer impact spectroscopy within the learn of the low-dimensionality magnetism and long-range order of magnetic platforms of latest curiosity / William M. Reiff --
layout, synthesis, and characterization of [pi]-cross-conjugated polycarbenes with high-spin floor states / Kenji Matsuda ... [et al.] --
foundation of superparamagnetic-like habit in huge molecular clusters / D. Gatteschi and R. Sessoli --
Magnetostructural correlations in dinuclear Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes bridged via [mu]₂-1,1-azide and [mu]₂-phenoxide / L.K. Thompson ... [et al.] --
The azido ligand : an invaluable bridge for designing high-dimensional magnetic structures / R. Cortés ... [et al.] --
Molecular magnetic fabrics and small clusters containing N-donor chelated steel species mixed with hexacyanometallate, tris-oxalatometallate, and similar bridging teams / K.S. Murray --
layout of organic-based fabrics with managed magnetic propoerties / Paul M. Lahti --
development towards "conditional" magnetic fabrics : magnetic homes of (m-pyridyl nitronyl nitroxide)₂HBr and Cu₂(OH)₃ (alkylcarboxylate) / Kunio Awaga --
Intrachain ferromagnetic spin alignment in [pi]-conjugated polyradicals with a poly(phenylenevinylene) chain / HIroyuki Nishide --
Very excessive spin polyradicals / Andrzej Rajca --
meeting of imino nitroxides with Cu(I) halides / H. Oshio and T. Ito --
Weak-ferromagnetism and ferromagnetism in tetrafluorotetracyanoquinodimethanide salts / Toyonari Sugimoto ... [et al.] --
Spin transition molecular fabrics for exhibit and knowledge processing / Oliver Kahn ... [et al.] --
greater synthesis of the V(tetracyanoethylene)[subscript x]·y(solvent) room-temperature magnet : doubling of the magnetization at room temperature / Jie Zhang ... [et al.] --
layout and magnetism of latest bimetallic assemblies with Fe(III)-CN-Ni(II) linkages / Hisashi Okawa and Masaaki Ohba.

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