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By Fred Jeffers

This ebook covers a good number of magnetic phenomena. actually, i do not believe there's the other type of phenomenon omitted. So the range is not only many adaptations on a topic. convinced there are encouraged variariations -- yet on numerous topics. but in addition another phenomena most parents do not disguise. The booklet does larger than the video in explaining the magnetic mechanistics. i locate all of it a hundred% obtainable, yet i do know alot approximately magnetism already. If basically i'll make certain adequate historical past was once given for the magnetics amateur to appreciate the reasons given, then i would visit the fifth superstar. For the diversity of adaptations, for the diversity of phenomena, for the encouraged implications, for the extraordinary effects which are given factors -- this publication is a gem.

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Place the magnet outside the cup, near the surface of the water, and move it up and down slightly. The powder will readily move “Mercury” to the side of the cup, as shown below left. When the magnet is removed, the powder will move rapidly back to cover the surface of the water, as shown below right. Water Back to “mercury” 35 36 Mondo Magnets The Science Behind It The powder in this experiment is made of tiny flakes of magnetic stainless steel (which are similar to the nickel flakes used in Experiment 33).

It will land in the center of the stack of pill magnets, no matter how it’s dropped. The stack of pill magnets will then abruptly jump up and out of the stack of ring magnets and land upright on the edge of the ring magnets. The Science Behind It In this experiment’s setup, it’s necessary to push the small stack of pill magnets into the ring magnets’ hole. The demagnetization field inside the hole in the ring magnets is oriented downward, but the small stack of pill magnets is magnetized upward.

Field near the drill in the presence of the magnet The Strange, Reversing Magnetic Field Remove the magnet. Note that the field changes direction, as shown. Why does it do that? The drill bit is now magnetized in the opposite direction of the magnet’s magnetization, so, of course, it generates a field in the opposite direction when the magnet is removed. Next, place the magnet perpendicular to the center of the drill bit to make a sideways T. The direction of the field at the top of the T is indicated by the compass.

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