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By Abigail Reynolds

What if… The final guy on the earth she may be prevailed upon to marry…is her husband? In Jane Austen's satisfaction and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet tells the proud Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy that she would not marry him if he have been the final guy on the earth. yet what if she by no means stated the phrases? What if situations conspired to make her settle for Darcy the 1st time he proposes? during this installment of Abigail Reynolds's acclaimed satisfaction and Prejudice adaptations, Elizabeth is of the same opinion to marry Darcy opposed to her greater judgment, atmosphere off a series of occasions that just about brings catastrophe to them either… What readers are asserting "A hugely unique tale, immensely satisfying." "Anyone who loves the tale of Darcy and Elizabeth will love this variation." "I used to be hooked from web page one." "A clean new examine what may have occurred if…" "Another sturdy e-book to twist up with… I by no means desired to positioned it down." (20091111)

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Now she had begun, it was impossible to stop the words from tumbling out. “My feelings have only been confirmed by your attitude towards my family. My aunt Gardiner is in every way the superior of Lady Catherine—in manners, in education, in behaviour—yet you treat her as less than nothing. I do not deny my mother’s lack of seemliness, but even she would not lock away and attempt to dominate her child’s every movement and thought as your aunt does. My sister Jane, whom you thought not good enough for your friend, has never uttered an unkind word in her life, yet you disdain her.

How was she to keep her word to Darcy now? He smiled at her amiably. ” Elizabeth met his eyes with a look intended to convey her apologies. After a minute of silence, Mr. ” She bit her lip, willing him to understand. Her anger at Darcy for putting her in this position flared to life again. It was unusual to catch Mr. Wickham with a frown on his face, but he wore one now. “Allow me to guess. ” His tone held anger and disbelief. Elizabeth looked down at her hands, folded tightly in her lap. “Of course.

Perhaps she could respond to that, show a willingness to hear his side of the story. After all, it was not as 57 8 Abigail Reynolds if Wickham had offered her any proof of his tale, and perhaps it was open to more than one interpretation. She had to admit that Wickham’s description of Darcy’s behaviour was not consistent with what she herself had observed in him; he was a generous and fair landlord, and it was hard to imagine him deliberately cheating someone. It was even possible, she supposed, that what Darcy had suggested was true: that Wickham had lied to her.

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