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The "cryptic quality" - to say the least - of the whole is thought to be due especially to the advisability of discretion in discussing the Eucha:ist, lest misunderstanding arise on the part of outsiders and the authorities. Such an explanation is purely conjectural, however. The diffi'culty is still felt. E. F. Scott, The Book of Revelation (New York: Scribner's, 1940), pp. 140-41, remarks: "One strange omission cannot fail to be noted. Although such emphasis is laid on acts of worship there is no explicit reference to the Sacraments, which had already come to be the central ordinances of the Church ....

As the day begins to dawn all in common, as of one voice and one heart, intone the Psalm of confession to the Lord. 05 According to Socrates Hist. E. 692), Ignatius introduced antiphony into the church after having seen the angels so singing in a vision. Paulinus of Milan Vita s. D. to Ambrose. Sozomen Hist. E. 8,8(PG 62. The passage is understood this way by C. J. Hefele, Conciliengeschichle (Freiburg: Herder, 1855), 1, 736. On the difficulties in connection with the significance of the Canon, cf.

10B G. SECULAR MUSIC Some reference has already been made to secular musical practices among the Jews, and more will be made later. According to Schneider, pp. 33·34: "Von den Psalmen, die nicht im Psalter stehen, hat das jiidische Altertum also in einer dreifachen Weise Gebrauch gemacht: sie wurden r. in freier Weise in die Gebete eingeflochten; ·2. zwischen den Lesungen als lyrische Intermezzi behandelt; 3. im Gottesdienst des Tempels und der Synagoge genau wie die Davids· psalmen selbstiindig verwendet," ·ro2.

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