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13. 3 Fig. 14. ,; 4 3 5 6 8 7 Fig. 15. :;:::~~----___1 3 I 1 4 5 6 h/Q 7 8 9 Fig. 16. dsold eo & 2Ws/(dso + deol vs hll 40 2. 0 Fig. 17. 0 hit. We see that dsold eo is always reasonably close to 3 and Ws is close to the average of deo and dso . In a similar fashion we can use the table to obtain values of H~o/4nMs and H~o/4nMs and plot them vs hit. 25). H~o/4nMs is found the same way except that this time the inverse value, tlh, is located in the Sz column. The results of such a procedure are displayed in Fig.

14] showed that the length and width correlate reasonably well with theory when the energy of the Bloch lines is taken into account. Hard bubbles are not desired in devices and several means have been discovered for suppressing them. The most popular method is to stress the surface layer by ion-implantation of ions (H, He, Ne). 15]. 17, 18]. All of these methods have been successfully used to suppress hard bubbles.

4 Equilibrium Configuration of a Bubble Lattice In order to see the effect of neighboring bubbles it is appropriate to consider the equilibrium configuration of a lattice of bubbles as in Fig. 22. 2 Bubble Domain Configurations 47 Fig. 22. 35d \+--+1 h = 4Q 12 d Q 8 Isolated Bubble d = 8£--- (D Lattice 0=20£ 4 = 00) Fig. 23. 01 the variation of d/I vs HB/41tMs depends on bubble spacing D, as in Fig. 23. The variation of bubble size is depicted in this figure by the size of the spots. The right-hand curve represents the case of the isolated bubble (D = (0) that we have considered before.

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