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Ma ni bka' 'bum, etc. 3. Hor chos •byung, p. 80 (edition by Hashimotokobo); LA cluags rgyal rabs, p. 69 (ed. by E. Schlagintweit). 4. Mi la'i mgur 'bum, p. 1 (ed. go gug 'dug pa la/ rje btsun gyis dam pa la/'o cag gnyis dung bum pa can Ia ni kbyad med/ bdag gi 'jag ma mgo gug pa ci lags gsungs pas/dam pa' i zhal nas/ 'o cag gi spangs rtogs kyi yon tan Ia khyad mi 'dug ste/ khyod bod du skyes pa'i kbyad du 'dug/ S. J. W. Thomas, Ch. Toussaint, Documents de Toue~r-houaug relatifs 'a l'histoire du Tibet, Paris 1940.

Byang smad dang ra zhung chen rdzong/ byang stod dang ra bzhi seng ge rdzong/ ru thog gi byang sa/ 3. / spyi rong/ 4. / glo dol po'i stod/ ,$. nub phyog kyi rbal te rta i:nchog rdzong/ 6. shar phyogs kyi gyim rdul glang chen rdzong/ de rnams ming grags che ba mams yin zhing/ gzhan yang mkhar dang rdzong numg po yod 'dug/ ..... 19. mTsho ma pang dkar chag. 20. Kun grol grags pa (b. 1700). bsTan for a history of Bon, No. II. p. ~. zhi yi gcen 'og pa/ 'brug gi rgyal po de yi sras/ nam mkha'i snang ba mdog can no/ de sras dmu rgyal kham pa dang/ dmu rgyal yongs rgyal gnyis su 'khrungs/ dmu rgyal de yi sras brgyud du/ bod rgyal mu khri man chad nas/ khri srong lde'u btsan yan chad du/ rgyal rabs bzhi bcu'i bar dag tu/ bod rgyal bla yi mchod gnas mdzad/ 21.

His seat was the Ru-thog (Ruthok) region of Zhangzhung. Research in the periods in which these Zhangzhung kings lived show that the first king, Triwer Laje Sergyi Jaruchen, ruled Zhangzhung more or less during the last part of the life of Lord Shenrab Miwo. Senthang Mawongyal, the true disciple of Lord Shenrab Miwo, was the tutor of Triwer Laje Sergyi Jaruchen. Dangwa Yidring, the true disciple of Senthang Mawongyal, was the tutor of King Jeru Odkyi Jaruchen of sPungs-ru-Gyer. Gungrum Tsungphud, the true disciple of Dangwa Yidring, was the tutor of King Gajang Odkyi Jaruchen of Mu-wer-Nor.

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