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By Yves Allieu, Susan E Mackinnon

With large diagrams and illustrations all through, the editors have drawn jointly a global record of individuals to provide Nerve Compression Syndromes of the higher Limb. This finished textual content will support the health practitioner in handling the commonest compression neuropathies in all sufferers from the standard employee to the musician and the athlete.

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In ganglionopathy (Bouche and Vallat, 1992) (Denny Brown neuropathy) SAP are absent or of very low amplitude in upper and lower limbs; the nerve lesion is not length dependent. Mononeuropathies can involve any sensory and/or motor nerve trunk and can be of viral, immunological or mechanical origin. g. g. polyarteritis nodosa, necrotizing angiopathy) (Bouche and Vallat, 1992; Seror, 1996f; Swash and Schwartz, 1981). The nerve lesion is axonal, so MCV and SCV are normal when the nerve is still recordable; CMAP and SAP amplitudes are always involved.

12). Ulnar, spinal and facial nerves are usually studied. In Lambert–Eaton syndrome (Eaton and Lambert, 1957) (presynaptic block) similar findings occur but the CMAP amplitude is low and increases (100–1000%) after isometric exercise or after 30 Hz repetitive stimulation. 12 Repetitive stimulations in myasthenia gravis. The stimulation of the ulnar nerve at the wrist is performed at 3 Hz; the compound motor action potential amplitude decrement is 35%. Ch 02 25/2/02 10:23 am 28 Page 28 NERVE COMPRESSION SYNDROMES Nerve conduction changes in pathologic conditions In myogenic disorders, MCV, SCV and SAP are normal, and only CMAP amplitudes are involved.

1999) Diabetic neuropathies; features and mechanism. Brain Pathol 9:369–91. Ch 02 25/2/02 10:23 am Page 21 2 Electrodiagnosis of the upper limbs Paul Seror Introduction Neurological diseases are frequently encountered in hand surgery. Peripheral neuropathies as nerve compressions are the most frequent; but other pathologies include mononeuritis, multineuritis or polyneuropathies. Anterior horn diseases can also be seen. Rarely, central nervous system diseases may also appear in hand surgery consultation.

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