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RachelRoystonKnutson,counselor at Sharples Junior High School, Seattle. made this contribumere literacy. That is, they have all tion to educational thought: "Who's to say that been pumped full of the Standard Brand everybody can read? Or write, or play the of "Democracy" . . as approved by piano? Pemonally0 rm barely able to swim Teachers College,Columbia. across a pooland I doubtffallthe the world would make me a good teaching sw_mer. 4. Knutson's views areby no iege, studied history at Columbia University be- means unique among educationists.

The true end of man- not that which capricious inclination prescribes for him, but that which is prescribed by eternally immutable reason--is the highest and most harmonious cultivation of his facultles into one whole. For this cultiva. tion, freedom is the first and indispensi. in 1854. The German title is, Ideen zu einemYerzuc_die Gremmn der W_rlura_e_ des Stauts z_ bes_immen;in Hum_]dt op.. cir. voL i, pp. 97-254. " Of primary importance are his ideas in regard to the mechanism of individual and social progress, and here even such a socially-minded utilitarian as John Stuart Mill could find instruction and inspiration, For the full flourishing of the individual, Humboldt asserts, there is requisite, besides freedom, a "manifoldness of situations," which, while logically distinct from freedom, has always followed upon it.

A bright workingman's son would not fit into the picture; he must be kept at his own level and not be allowed to challenge the jealously guarded preeminence of the teacher in his own classroom. of university graduates, usually ranking below agriculture students. It should not be too surprising that such people fear, above all else, being "shown up" by a student of superior intelligence. To avoid SIn one educcCdon textthe desirable "behav- this,therefore,bright students must be ioraloutcomes"of an idealhiqh schooleduca- kept at the levelof the slow learner,and tionare listedin a monumental classification all,so far as is possible,must be exextendincj forone hundred and twenty paqes; posed to the bare minimum of education.

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