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By Garrett G. Fagan, Matthew Trundle

Ten prime students of historic battle provide new insights on numerous facets of army job from the Later Bronze Age to the Roman Empire. They make major contributions to figuring out war on land and sea, to the social and fiscal facets of struggle, and to battlefield event. The experiences illustrate the ways that know-how, innovation, cultural alternate and tactical advancements remodeled old conflict. Papers survey the armies of Assyria and Persia, the $64000 function of navies and cash in reworking Greek battle, and the way Romans discovered to struggle as squaddies and generals. New views on historical struggle will encourage debate for years yet to come concerning the army platforms of the traditional world.Contributors are Garrett Fagan, Matthew Trundle, Fernando Rey, Robin Archer, Chris Tuplin, Hans Van Wees, Louis Rawlings, Peter Krentz, Nathan Rosenstein and David Potter

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PV 442–506), turning this mythical figure into a symbol of man’s continuous effort and spirit. Fifth-century Athenian intellectual life emphasized the importance of the concept of technē, and a new confidence in human skills to face future challenges can be seen in historical and medical writings like those of Thucydides and Hippocrates. ”17 Ancient literature on military affairs was in general much more concerned with moral or religious issues than with science or technology: rather than describing technical knowledge from an objective point of view, what mattered was to provide a solution to the controversy about which side was right18.

Cherry (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1986), 51–52; P. Baker, “Les Mercenaires,” in Armées et Sociétés de la Grèce Classique. Aspects sociaux et politiques de la guerre aux Ve et IVe s. av. J. , ed. F. Prost (Paris: Errance, 1999), 240; Hunt, “Military Forces” (n. 32): 109. weapons and technological determinism 37 ‘effectiveness’ is not a simple variable, but can be assessed according to different criteria: speed, length or distance, range, weight, damage. 38 Thus, a weapon can be superior in one respect, but clearly inferior in another.

3); M. 54–81. 8 For instance, Aeschylus claims that the Greek spear won the day against the Persian bows and arrows in the Persian Wars (Pers. 239–42, 278, 729, 817, 926). This literary metaphor is not strictly deterministic, but it does reflect a concern with the decisiveness of war in preserving the freedom of Greece. Herodotus thought that Greek weapons were superior to the Persians’ lighter equipment. 10). 212). 4), which proved to be superior to other types (frg. 179), while Asclepiodotus pointed out that the Macedonian type of shield was the best (aristē; Tact.

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