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By Ruth Ginsburg, Ilana Pardes

"New views on Freud's Moses and Monotheism" provides essentially the most very important present scholarship on 'Moses and Monotheism'. The essays during this quantity supply new views on Freud's belief of Judaism, of collective trauma and collective repression, nationwide violence, gender matters, hermeneutic enigmas, spiritual configurations, questions of illustration, and structures of fact, whereas exploring the relevance of 'Moses and Monotheism' in diversified fields - from Jewish reviews, Psychoanalysis, heritage, and Egyptology to Literature, Musicology, and artwork.

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41 Those critics of Yerushalmi who get all excited by this barb 42 have overlooked the fact that Freud himself uses the expression credo quia absurdum to conclude his interpretation of Jewish monotheism as the return of the repressed murder of the primeval father and of Moses, so that Yerushalmi in this sense reveals himself to be a loyal follower of Freud. By contrast, Bernstein tries to tone down the offensive Lamarckism 43 through a »heuristic distinction between >strong< and >weak< Lamarckism« 44 and by holding Freud accountable only for the »weak« variety.

For Freud, progress in spirituality can only be achieved by ignoring and repressing sensuality. There follows once again a definition of Judaism, the final and, no doubt, the decisive one: The religion that began with the prohibition against making an image of its God has developed in the course of centuries more and more into a religion of instinctual renunciation. Not that it demands sexual abstinence; it is content with a considerable restriction of sexual freedom. God, however, becomes completely withdrawn from sexuality and raised to an ideal of ethical perfection.

Leipzig: Fock 1919, p. 89; English edition, p. 77. , p. ; English, p. 89. , p. 144; English, p. 124. Ibid. It is certainly not by coincidence that both Freud and Reform Judaism again and again refer to the prophets as the very essence of Judaism. Of course, this needs to be developed in more detail. 110 In an ironic sense, then, Freud's »triumph of spirituality« can be seen as the birth of Jewish monotheism out of the spirit of Christianity. 110 Schriften, introduced by Franz Rosenzweig, ed. by Bruno Strauß (Berlin 1924), vol.

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