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3. Irenaeus 7 also implies that Mark wrote after the deaths of Peter and Paul in Rome. On the other hand Clement of Alexandria 8 states that Mark wrote while Peter was still preaching the gospel in Rome. Although the traditions over dating conflict, those regarding the place of origin coincide. 4. The reference to Mark in 1 Peter 5:13 suggests Mark’s connection with Rome, if ‘Babylon’ is to be undfirstood in this metaphorical sense (see discussion of this on p. ). This also depends on identifying the Mark in 1 Peter with the author of the gospel (see discussion of this under authorship).

Old Testament support for the use of parables (13:34–35). The weeds interpreted (13:36–43). Hidden treasure, the valuable pearl and the net (13:44–51). The teacher of the law who knows about the kingdom (13:52). IX. NARRATIVE (13:53–17:27) Jesus rejected at Nazareth (13:53–58). The death of John the Baptist (14:1–12). Miracles: five thousand fed; the walking on the water; healings at Gennesaret (14:13–36). The tradition of the elders (15:1–20). More miracles: the Syro-Phoenician demoniac; healings of multitudes; four thousand fed (15:21–39).

Stilling of the waves (8:23–27). Healing of a demoniac and a paralytic (8:28–9:8). The call of Matthew (9:9–13). An enquiry about fasting (9:14–17). Healing of the ruler’s daughter, the woman with a haemorrhage, two blind men and a dumb demoniac (9:18–34). VI. THE SECOND DISCOURSE SECTION: (9:35–10:42) Jesus’ compassion (9:35–38). The disciples are briefed (10:1–15), warned of future troubles (10:16–25) and exhorted to be unafraid (10:26–33). They are told of division within households (10:34–39), and promised rewards (10:40–42).

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