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By Daphné Josselin, William Wallace (eds.)

The involvement of non-state actors in global politics can rarely be characterized as novel, yet intensifying financial and social trade and the emergence of latest modes of foreign governance have given them a lot higher visibility and, many might argue, a extra principal position. Non-state Actors in global Politics bargains analyses of a various variety of financial, social, felony (and illegal), previous and new actors, corresponding to the Catholic Church, alternate unions, diasporas, spiritual activities, transnational businesses and organised crime.

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Transnational corporations TNCs have an impact on the environment in two ways. First, their `business' activities directly affect environmental quality and levels of sustainability more broadly. Second, by engaging with other actors, TNCs also contribute to the establishment of systems of governance. Drawing on a variety of environmental issues, Ian Rowlands de®nes the many roles that these, either individually or collectively, play in international environmental politics. Their effectiveness as agenda setters, supporters of research, national and international lobbyists is examined, leading to the conclusion that the actual exercise of their considerable economic and political clout depends on the prevailing conditions, and notably on the kind of issue at stake and on the stage and degree of formality of the negotiations.

First, some of those media that operate across frontiers are not as independent of states as they might appear ± the BBC for one, various Arab stations owned by the in¯uential within one or other regime for seconds. Moreover, the realists, as always, have an answer: thus the intervention to help the Kurds in 1991 served, as much as anything, a state interest, to keep the refugees in Iraq and out of the country which was desperate not to have to accommodate them for other reasons, namely Turkey (Holt 1998).

A third would be the very conformity of these `non-state' entities to the democratic and good governance norms we increasingly insist on for governments themselves (Edwards 2000). A particular, and ever-relevant, ethical issue that relates to non-state activity is the conduct of war. In the past the European ethical tradition on war envisaged legitimate violence as the prerogative of states. The claim to a legitimate resort to war, jus ad bellum, being con®ned to states, there was no space to ask about the conduct of war by non-state actors, jus in bello.

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