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From the preceding chapters it should be dear that the problem is to measure a small change of the magnetic susceptibility in the radio~ frequency range. caused by the resonance of the nudei. The essential part of the apparatus w'ill therefore be a coil. placed in a constant magnetic field Ho and filled with a material. which contains the nudei to be investigated. The coil is tuned by a condenser in parallel. and C) current -in the coil is excited by coupling it to a generator. The position of the coil is such.

An upper limit for the relaxation time in paraffin of 60 sec was established by observing the resonance as quickly as possible after the magnetic field Ho is applied. Immediately after the field is switched on, the relative population of the protons in the upper and lower level will be given by the a-priori probabilities of these levels, which are equal. Therefore a resonanee ean only be observed after a time eomparable to the relaxation time has elapsed. This upper limit of 60 sec is historically important, sinee the available information at that time, eonsisting of Wall er' s theory and Gor t e r' s experiments, indicated very long relaxation tim es.

5. 85 Me/sec respectively. As a matter of fact. ooaf1F same size of coil was used and only the condensers were adjusted. Of course also the half wave length cable G had to be changed. which at the lowest frequency had a length of about twenty meters. The Amphenol cables have a polythene dielectric and a characteristic impedance of 50 Q. 5. might be worth while to obtain the Crystal detector with galvanometer. 1800 phase shift by a radio frequen~ cy transformer with centre~grounded secondary instead of a difference in li ne length.

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