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By Krystyna Kamienska-Trela, Wojciech Schilf, Cynthia Jameson, H Yasunaga, Jaroslaw Jazwinski, Jozef Kowalewski, A Aliev, Pete Simpson, Slawomir Pikula, Jacek Mlynarski, Hiromichi Kurosu, Luigi Paduano, Malcolm Prior, N Suryaprakash, Aatto Laaksonen

Functions of nuclear magnetic resonance span quite a lot of medical disciplines, from physics to drugs. This sequence has supplied a vital digest of the NMR literature for greater than 4 many years and every quantity presents unrivalled assurance of the literature in this subject. non-stop assurance on a few themes corresponding to theoretical and actual points of nuclear protecting is balanced by means of the will for assurance on more recent subject matters like purposes in organic platforms and fabrics technology. For these desirous to turn into quickly conversant in NMR or pro practitioners, this is often a useful resource of present equipment and purposes

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