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The e-book examines conditionals within the Greek Pentateuch from the viewpoint of the examine of translation syntax. It takes heavily under consideration the double personality of Septuagintal Greek, either as a translation from Hebrew and as vernacular Greek. Methodologically, the underlying Hebrew is taken because the aspect of departure in shut comparability with the consequent translation, with the aim of analyzing significant good points within the translators? dealing with of this complicated building. those contain the rendering of verbal and non-verbal varieties within the protasis and apodosis, the query of sense-division among the 2 constituent clauses, the impact of style or discourse variety and interference from the underlying shape or constitution.

Detailed analyses of the ensuing translation monitors gains which are common Greek, at the one hand, and contours that betray the nature of "translation-language", however, as a result of interference from the resource textual content. The latter manifests itself so much conspicuously in renderings which are ungrammatical or unnatural, and, in a extra sophisticated manner, via equivalents that are grammatically applicable yet ensue with a strikingly excessive frequency within the Septuagint in comparison with unique Greek compositions modern with the Septuagint.  


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Statement: … is used in curse (“May God punish me if I do that”). By contamination, … is used in oath (“I swear if I do that”). 55. 2a. 56. Cf. van Leeuwen, “…L ,” 19: “Dem Sinne nach kann man die Konditionalsätze am besten unterscheiden nach dem Masse der Gewissheit, das in dem Bedingungssatz ausgedrückt wird. ” 57. Driver, Tenses, 174–94. 1 26 On Conditionals in the Greek Pentateuch (e) “If I had seen him, I would (now) tell him”: Driver does not associate this type, however, with any verb forms, citing only a few instances such as Deut 32:29.

20. GKC, §159y; Joüon–Muraoka, §167k. 1 1. 2. Conditional Markers of Doubtful Status Besides these two sets of markers, some grammars include U+ , †K, KQK, the interrogative K, \OZ and \E as markers of conditionality. Their conditional status, however, is a matter of disagreement among Hebrew scholars as summarized below (+ or – standing for acceptance or rejection of the conditional status of these markers, with ? 21 Brockelmann Gibson GKC Joüon–Muraoka König Merwe et al. Meyer Revell IBHS Williams U+ †K KQK K \E \OZ + + + + +/– 0 0 +/– + + + + + + +/– – + +/– + + 0 0 0 – – – + +/– 0 0 0 0 0 + + 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 + + ?

A possible but very improbable event from the speaker’s perspective,” as illustrated below:71 2 Kgs 7:4 ZQWPZ KS ZQE+\… Z …+ ZQWPZ U\YE EYUKZ U\YK ZEQ ZQUP … ZQWPZ ZQW\P\… Z K\[Q ZQ\[\… …U O KOSQZ ZNO KWYZ If we were to say, “Let us go to the city, the famine is in the city,” we shall die there; and if we were to sit here, we shall die; so now let us desert to the camp of the Arameans; if they spare us, we shall live; but if they kill us, we shall die. (Cf. ) As Hendel also recognizes, not all real conditionals are liable to interpretation in terms of modal remoteness.

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