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By Damianos E. Sakas, Brian A. Simpson

This is often the second one half in a two-volume paintings on neuromodulation. It describes the innovations and methods utilized by means of direct touch with the principal worried procedure or cranial nerves (in order to modulate the functionality of neural networks) or in deeply situated buildings contained in the worried process (in order to change the functionality on particular networks).

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In 1993, Meyerson’s group reported extradural cortical stimulation effects in patients with neuropathic peripheral pain [8] and in 1995, we introduced the propofol test [3] and proved, contrary to current belief, that stimulation of the first somatosensory area (SI) (Brodmann’s areas 3,1,2) can have analgesic effects [4]. MCS gained wide acceptance and several hundred patients have been implanted with extradurally stimulating electrodes up to now [6, 8, 10, 11]. Mechanism of action The analgesic effect of CS appears to have a somatotopic organization.

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