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By Demosthenes, A.T. Murray (ed.)

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Evo's 8' (f)aatv rrjg oucrta? eyoi /cat pierpiov Kal drrpdypLovos eivat rroXirov, evdus €7tI i7T€Ladr]v ohov et? €V avv- BiaXvaeuiV rrjv rrepl raJv p-rj ro SiKaarT^piov jSaSi^etv, oyhorj (^divovros rfj TTOirjoaadai, pLrjvos o/xoAoyfjcrat rfj eKrrj (j)9ivovro?. ov ^aLVLmrog, ovS' els erepav rcov aTn^vrrjcrev dXX' dvO^ rrjv S' (XTTocfiaaLv rrjg ovaia's rjjjiepcbv evos St'o vofiovs T^Kei rrpos vpids TrapafSe^rjKcos, eva pikv rrjv rov KeXevovra rpiojv -qpiepdjv dcf)^ rjs dv opLOor) ovaiav diro^aiveLV , erepov Se rov KeXevovra Kvpias etvat ra?

See Oration XXXI passim. ' That is, in diameter. The speaker evidently expected to find large quantities of threshed grain, owing to the size of the threshing floors. The plethron was about 100 feet. ), aTTeiTTcLv, cooTrep Xeyco, ri]? vt7r77a» tovtol? ov aTTicbv els clgtv. ovv Tcov elprjjjLevojv rcts" fiaprvpLa? eVetra /cat Trepl rcov aXXcov aKovaeade Trdaag rag aX'qdeias' tovtovI yip, d> dvSpes hiKaarai, ^aivLTnrov evprjaer^ evOus oltto rrjs npojTTjs rjpiepas ap^aycevov rod p^rj^ev SiKacov iroieZv.

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