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By Kalevi J. Holsti

During this publication, Professor Holsti methods the examine of the origins of struggle and the rules of peace from a brand new point of view. He asks 3 interrelated questions. Which concerns generate clash? How have attitudes towards conflict replaced? And, what makes an attempt were made traditionally to create foreign associations and orders which could deal with, regulate or hinder overseas conflicts? beginning with the peace treaties of Munster and Osnabruck of 1648, Kalevi Holsti examines 177 foreign wars. via those, he identifies the diversity of conflict-producing concerns and the way they, in addition to the attitudes of coverage makers to using strength, have replaced during the last 350 years. He demonstrates how the hot orders validated by means of the good peace-making efforts of 1648, 1713, 1815, 1919 and 1945 tried to unravel the problems of the previous, but few effectively expected these of the longer term. certainly, a few created the root of latest conflicts.

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It must be, therefore, structures and processes that lead to war, and not the deliberate calculations of policy-makers who might be bent on conquest. Our generally liberal views toward the purposes of states and regimes underestimates the extent to which there may be, as Leon Bourgeois argued during the debates on the League of Nations Covenant during the Paris peace 12 WHAT MEN FIGHT ABOUT conference in 1919, etats de mauvaise foi, states committed to the use of force to achieve various purposes that are inconsistent with the safety and vital interests of other states.

24 MUNSTER AND OSNABRUCK, 1648: PEACE BY PIECES [The Peace of Westphalia] is null, void, invalid, unjust, damnable, reprobate, inane, empty of meaning and effect for all time. Pope Innocent X The Pope's reaction to the Treaties of Munster and Osnabriick is understandable. The Thirty Years War had raged across Bohemia, Germany, Italy, France, and the United Provinces, pitting nascent states against empires, rebellious princes against the Holy Roman Emperor, free cities against imperial cities, and Catholics against Protestants.

The perceived threat of Hapsburg "universal monarchy" was reason enough to justify the Swedish intervention. The religious cleavage was expressed in its clearest diplomatic form in the warring between the Protestant Union, made up mostly of the principalities of northern Germany and Bohemia, and the Catholic League, which carried on the cause in the name of the Empire and the faith. But by the 1630s, the war involved a jumble of conflicting stakes, with all sorts of cross-cutting dynastic, religious, and state interests involved.

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