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By Jack R. Plimmer (Eds.)

content material: tendencies in chemical residues together with reentry issues / Jack R. Plimmer --
technique for estimating the nutritional consumption of pesticide residue / R.D. Schmitt and M.J. Nelson --
The biophysiologic research of chemical residues in human tissues / P.H. Kurtz --
The secure point suggestion and the fast box procedure : a brand new method of fixing the reentry challenge / James B. Knaak and Yutaka Iwata --
tracking pesticide defense courses through measuring blood cholinesterase and interpreting blood and urine for insecticides and their metabolites / S.A. Peoples and J.B. Knaak --
local issues in employee reentry / Herbert N. Nigg and James H. Stamper --
Pesticide security application of the California division of nutrients and Agriculture established upon measurements of power office publicity and the removing of extra exposures / K.T. Maddy and S.C. Edmiston --
employees within the agricultural setting : dermal publicity to carbaryl / Jay C. Maitlen, C. Ronald promote, Leslie M. Mcdonough, and Stanford N. Fertig --
improvement of technique for opting for human publicity to chlorobenzilate / S.S. Brady, K.A. Levy, H.F. Enos, R.C. Duncan, and C.D. Pfaffenberger --
Agricultural applicators publicity to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid / R.G. Nash, percent. Kearney, J.C. Maitlen, C.R. promote, and S.N. Fertig --
assessment of reports with 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid in people together with applicators below box stipulations / M.L. Leng, J.C. Ramsey, W.H. Braun, and T.L. Lavy --
The evaluate of strength future health risks to orchardists spraying insecticides / C.A. Franklin, N.I. Muir, and R. Greenhalgh --
protecting garments experiences within the box : a substitute for reentry / John E. Davies, H.F. Enos, A. Barquet, C. Morgade, L.J. Peters, J.X. Danauskas, and V.H. Freed --
Reentry : an commercial perspective / John F. McCarthy --
An animal version for trying out organophosphates within the box : S, S, S-tributyl phosphorotrithioate and the scaleless bird / B.W. Wilson, C.M. Cisson, W.R. Randall, J.E. Woodrow, J.N. Seiber, and J.B. Knaak --
checklist of universal names pointed out in textual content and chemical names.

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Treatment and Disposal of Pesticide Wastes

Content material: rules of pesticide disposal / Raymond F. Krueger and David J. Severn -- The source Conservation and restoration Act / David Friedman -- Pesticide waste disposal in agriculture / Charles V. corridor -- Degradation of insecticides in managed water-soil structures / G. A. Junk, J. J. Richard, and P.

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In t h i s Table, safe l e v e l s are given f o r the t h i o n s and t h e i r r e s p e c t i v e oxons. The safe l e v e l f o r t o t a l r e s i d u e s ( t h i o n + oxon) l i e s between t h e s a f e l e v e l s f o r t h e t h i o n and i t s oxon i f the oxon l e v e l i s at o r below i t s s a f e level. Table I I gives a procedure f o r e s t a b l i s h i n g safe l e v e l s f o r t o t a l d i s l o d g e a b l e t h i o n + oxon residues on t r e e f o l i a g e . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982.

Residue Reviews, 1980, 75, 129. Spear, R. ; Popendorf, W. ; Leffingwell, J. ; Milby, T. ; Davies, J. ; Spencer, W. F. Field workers' response to weathered residues of parathion. J . Occup. , 1977, 19, 406. Richards, D. ; Kraus, J . F . ; Borhani, N. ; Kilgore, W. W. A controlled field trial of physiological responses to organophosphate residues in farm workers. J . Environ. Path. , 1978, 2, 493. Knaak, J. ; Ackerman, C. ; Yee, Karin; Unpublished results, 1980. ; Bailey, J . A. Reentry problems involving the use of dialifor on grapes in the San Joaquin Valley of Cali­ fornia.

G S CD —« e co δ»! 6 Methomyl 3 3 ug/m ug/m Number during during of l b s . 7 e ug/m ug/m dur ing dur ing T,M-L A p p l i c a t ion Number of l b s . ^66 m /min. h e l d near breathing zone of workers. 014 m /min. t r a c t o r mounted near breathing zone of d r i v e r . ^Samples c o l l e c t e d from work zones of 4 mixer-loader a p p l i c a t o r s ( F , G, H, & I ) . Mixer-loader. n d Not d e t e c t e d , numbers i n ( ) represent the number of batches monitored. Knaak et_ a l . 03). 7-21 7-20 7-19 7-18 Date Mevinphos ,3 ug/m Number dur ing of l b s .

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