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By John F., Ph.D. Marriott, Keith A, Ph.D. Wilson, Christopher A., Ph.D. Langley, Dawn Belcher

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1 Decoction of Chondrus BPC (Decoctum Chondri) (BPC 1949, page 1091) Collodions These are liquid preparations, intended for external use, containing highly volatile solvents (usually a base solution of pyroxylin (soluble gun-cotton) in a mixture of ether and alcohol) that evaporate to leave either a mechanical or a therapeutic film. Collodions had to be applied to the skin using a soft brush. Although almost obsolete, Flexible Collodian BP and Salicylic Acid Collodian BP are still listed in the modern British Pharmacopoeia (2009).

Again only one addendum to the 1953 edition was produced in 1955, which contained new disintegration tests for tablets, before the implementation of the ninth edition in 1958. The 1958 edition continued the trend to add monographs referring to the products of pharmaceutical research and development and to actively remove preparations of little or no value. At this time, there was a significant increase in the appearance of psychoactive agents, notably those considered to be sedatives or tranquillisers.

23 Concentrated Camphor Water BP (Aqua Camphorae Concentrata) (BP 1988, page 1022) Formula: Camphor Alcohol (90%) 40 g 600 mL Purified water, freshly boiled and cooled to 1000 mL Method: Dissolve the camphor in the alcohol and add sufficient water in successive small quantities to produce the required volume shaking vigorously after each addition. Add 50 g of purified talc and shake; allow to stand for a few hours then filter. 3–1 mL. 22 Concentrated Anise Water BP (Aqua Anisi Concentrata) (BP 1988, page 1022) Use: A mild analgesic and rubefacient for external application in liniments and lotions.

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