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As an MSEE operating as an assistant professor at a school, it can be crucial on the way to anwser a wide variety of questions. those questions beeing your individual or your scholars. This calls for that you've got ascess to a large diversity of text-books. i've got discovered Chikazumi's e-book very usefull as a reference, AND it's written within the SI-system of devices!

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The Sucksmith ring balance8 is a once-common apparatus utilizing the same principle. It is purely mechanical, without any automatic balancing feature. A similar apparatus in which the magnetic force acts horizontally rather than vertically is known as the magnetic pendulum. , do not affect the reading. 9 In this pendulum, the force acting on the specimen is compensated by two attracting coils so as to exert no lateral force on the support, which is a jewelled knife edge. Fig. 12. 9 MEASUREMENT OF MAGNETIZATION 45 Fig.

Hysteresis loops measured for Gd at various temperatures using special combination search coils. REFERENCES 49 More accurate and stable measurement of magnetic flux is possible using a digital voltmeter. The principle of this method is to move a search coil with respect to a magnetized specimen by a fixed distance, measure the induced voltage with a digital voltmeter as a function of time, and then integrate these values with respect to time with an analog or digital integrator. 25), provided that the search coil is removed completely from the sample and out of the field.

One such instrument is the ballistic galvanometer. This instrument is a galvanometer having a moving coil with a large moment of inertia. When a pulse of current flows through this coil in a time interval much less than the natural period of oscillation of the coil, the maximum deflection of the galvanometer is proportional to the electric charge which passes through the coil. Therefore, when the search coil is connected to a ballistic galvanometer, the change in flux passing through the coil is measured by the deflection of the galvanometer.

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