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By Professor Dr. A. D. M. Walker (auth.)

This ebook is a research of plasma waves that are saw within the earth's magnetosphere. The emphasis is on a radical, yet concise, therapy of the required concept and using this idea to appreciate the manifold types of waves that are saw by way of ground-based tools and by way of satellites. We limit our remedy to waves with wavelengths brief in comparison with the spatial scales of the heritage plasma within the magazine­ netosphere. via so doing we exclude huge scale magnetohydrodynamic phenomena akin to ULF pulsations within the Pc2-5 levels. the sphere is an energetic one and we won't desire to debate each wave phenomenon ever saw within the magnetosphere! we strive in its place to provide a superb therapy of phenomena that are good understood, and which illustrate as many alternative elements of the speculation as attainable. it's hence was hoping to place the reader capable of comprehend the present literature. The remedy is geared toward a starting graduate scholar within the box however it is was hoping that it'll even be of use as a connection with validated staff. an information of electromagnetic conception and a few hassle-free plasma physics is thought. The mathematical history required in­ cludes a data of vector calculus, linear algebra, and Fourier trans­ shape idea encountered in average undergraduate physics curricula. an inexpensive acquaintance with the idea of capabilities of a fancy vari­ capable together with contour integration and the residue theorem is assumed.

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One of the characteristic waves has a cut-off at this point and in addition there is a plasma resonance. 6 Conditions for Cross-over A quadratic equation has equal roots when the discriminant, D2 == B2 4AG, is zero. 62) shows that this is never negative. It can, however, be zero. There are two cases where this is so. 40 () = 7r /2: When the wave normal is at right angles to the magnetic field then D = 0 when "'L"'R = "'1"'3. The a-wave and X-wave then have the same speed and a wave with arbitrary polarization is propagated unchanged.

12]) the ray surface is structurally unstable on such a boundary and in moving across the boundary there is a smooth unfolding of the singularity. For this reason Walker [116] has called such a boundary a my surface unfolding or briefly an unfolding. 2 The CMA Diagram Consider an X -Y parameter space. In addition to the unfolding boundaries the conditions for cut-off or resonance also form boundaries in this space. On one side of such a cut-off boundary one of the refractive index surfaces disappears while it exists on the other side.

An electron gyrating about the magnetic field with the right phase experiences an electric field which is always in the same direction as its velocity. The wave therefore steadily increases the electron energy until the assumption of linearity breaks down. Exactly the same situation obtains in the case that "'L is infinite except that this happens for left-hand waves at the ion gyrofrequencies. Transverse Resonance - Hybrid Resonances: When 8 = 7r /2 there is a resonance where "'1 = O. This is a principal resonance in the X -wave whose refractive index is given by n 2 = "'L"'R/ "'1.

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