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1X1,92-100. BRENER, J. (1964) The characteristics of heart rate during various conditioning procedures. D. Thesis, University of London. BROADBENT, D . E . (1958) Perception and Communication. London: Pergamon Press. 36 PRESENT-DAY RUSSIAN PSYCHOLOGY BRONSTEIN, A. L , ITINA, N . Α . , KAMENETSKAYA, Α . , and SYTOVA, V . A (1958) Orientirovochnyye reaktsii novorozhdennykh detei [Orienting re sponses in new-born children]. In: Voronin, L. G. et al. ), Orientiro vochnyi Refleks i Orientirovochnaya-issledovatel'skaya DeyateVnost^ [Tk Orienting Reflex and Exploratory Behaviour].

We have examined the Soviet work on the orienting reflex at some length both because of its intrinsic importance and for the light it throws on the general tendencies of Soviet psychological thought discussed earlier in this article. There is other research which illustrates these tendencies equally well and is of no less importance, but, unfortunately, space is lacking for more than a brief enumeration of the salient features of these programmes of research. Consciousness and its Biological Significance Earlier, I emphasized the Soviet concern with the importance of consciousness.

Finally, it is found that dehabituation of the O R by a change in the experimental situation (the actual ATTENTION, CONSCIOUSNESS AND VOLUNTARY CONTROL 25 Stimuli presented remaining the same) can be obtained in dogs a n d pole cats, but not in pigeons and fish (Vedyaev and Karmanova, 1958), n o r is it commonly observed in mammalian infants (Bronstein et al, 1958). These observations suggest that phylogenetic development has led to an increase in the flexibility v^ith v^hich the O R responds to change and regularity in the environment.

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