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The Dead Sea Scrolls After Fifty Years: A Comprehensive Assessment

This quantity is the second one in a sequence released to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the invention of the 1st scrolls at Qumran. The two-volume set includes a finished variety of articles masking issues which are archaeological, ancient, literary, sociological, or theological in personality. because the discovery of the 1st scrolls in 1947 an huge variety of reports were released.

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Instead, they want to be released and empowered to find their own voice, to initiate their own ideas, to shape and mold their own mission. Yet, they want to do it as part of a team, serving a broader context, and working with a larger family. And their vision has arrived! For the digital age is a grassroots phenomenon, a great leveler. It will empower a new laity. " churches surviving in the future will decentralize, and their control will broaden. No longer will information simply be "pushed down" from the top.

So it follows that both Isaiah and the psalmist command, "Sing to the Lord a new song" (Isaiah 42:10, Psalm 33:3). "20 In short, we were created to create! The Ultimate "Body of Christ" Third, the digital environment is a community environment: The true value of a network is less about information and more about community. The information superhighway is more than a short cut to every book in the Library of Congress. 21 After all, the computer communicates, and its communication creates community.

In the midst of chaotic change, predictive threads are appearing, and implied patterns are emerging. God’s Truth never changes, but the new church will reflect the trends of current culture. " The computer, in other words, is, first, a creation of endless innovation—pure potentiality and boundless perspectives. In short, it is a "possibility machine"— limited only by our imaginations. It will do virtually anything we want it to do. It will be almost anything we want it to be. And it will do it and be it at the speed of light.

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