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By David T. Lamb

Jacob and Solomon have been polygamists. Tamar and Rahab have been prostitutes. What are polygamists and prostitutes doing at the pages of Holy Scripture? And God informed the prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute. What approximately Cain—did he quite marry his sister? Abraham did, and he used to be additionally a polygamist. Lot provided his daughters up for rape, David devoted adultery (or rape?) and the Bible calls either males righteous. Love, previous testomony variety, used to be bizarre.

As readers of the previous testomony come upon those bizarre, complicated, and awful "love" tales they ask, "What's up with intercourse within the outdated Testament?" The church frequently ignores the R-rated bits of the Bible, so it truly is not easy for individuals to discover solutions to their demanding questions about intercourse in Scripture, that could lead humans to renounce on God and God's word.

However, those tales have been integrated within the Bible for a cause, to bare an excellent extra stunning "love" tale. whilst people behave badly, God behaves graciously. God now not only...

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Love, Old Testament style, involved sex (within a marriage). God created sex, and we know that he’s excited about this part of his creation because not only does his first command to the humans involve sex but so does his first command to other living creatures. God wants the plants (Gen. 1:11–12, 29), the animals (1:22), and now the humans all to bear fruit (1:28). Because all of God’s creation — plants, animals, and humans — are sexually active, fruit will be borne and creation will re-create itself.

7. Eliza Gray, “Men Behaving Badly,” Time (July 26, 2013). ) John Goldingay wrote a book about the books of 1 and 2 Samuel with the title Men Behaving Badly (Carlisle, UK: Paternoster, 2000) before the formula “X Behaving Badly” had become common. 8. While the sexual deeds of Judah, David, and Rahab were clearly unholy, the sexual deeds of Jacob, Tamar, and Ruth were not. We will discuss all of these individuals in the following chapters. 9. I capitalize Sodomites because I’m referring to the residents of Sodom.

Humor is a serious business. Some people thought that God Behaving Badly was flippant. If you felt that way, I apologize. But how many books have you read about the Old Testament that erred in the direction of too much humor? (Some people said God Behaving Badly had no humor at all. ) My guess is that few to none err in that direction, and for all the complaints I heard about my supposed irreverence, there were more affirmations about my wacky sense of humor. I use humor to serve at least three purposes.

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