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By Furn F. & Thomas A. Butler (eds) Knapp

content material: a brand new generator for construction of short-lived Au-195m radioisotope / K.J. Panek, J. Lindeyer, and H.C. Van Der Vlugt --
Usefulness and function of the Au-195m generator / Ismael Mena, Carol Marcus, Rolf Dejong, and Walter Wolf --
guidance and features of a Hg-195m/Au-195m generator for first-pass angiography / R. Bett, J.G. Cuninghame, H.E. Sims, H.H. Willis, D.S. Dymond, W. Flatman, D.L. Stone, and A.T. Elliott --
Chemical and actual parameters affecting the functionality of the Os-191/Ir-191m generator / A.B. Packard, S. Treves, G.M. O'Brien, F.F. Knapp, Jr., and T.A. Butler --
A Rb-81/Kr-81m perfusion generator / M.S. Philp, C.I. Ramsey, J.M. Ma, and J.F. Lamb --
construction of radionuclides for generator platforms / Leonard F. Mausner, Thomas Prach, and Powell Richards --
an automatic microprocessor-controlled Rb-82 generator for positron emission tomography reviews / Y. Yano, T.F. Budinger, J.L. Cahoon, and R.H. Huesman --
Large-scale isolation of Sr-82 for generator construction / K.E. Thomas and J.W. Barnes --
A radionuclide generator and infusion method for pharmaceutical caliber Rb-82 / G.P. Gennaro, R.D. Neirinckx, B. Bergner, W.R. Muller, A. Waranis, T.A. Haney, S.L. Barker, M.D. Loberg, and A. Yarnais --
overview of adsorbents for the Ta-178 generator / R.D. Neirinckx, J. Trumper, A. Leblanc, and %. Johnson --
Electrochemistry as a foundation for radiochemical generator structures / G.E. Bentley, F.J. Steinkruger, and P.M. Wanek --
creation and restoration of enormous amounts of radionuclides for nuclear drugs generator structures / F.J. Steinkruger, G.E. Bentley, H.A. O'Brien, Jr., M.A. Ott, F.H. Seurer, W.A. Taylor, and J.W. Barnes --
The short-lived radionuclide generator : actual features, review, and stipulations for optimum scientific use / M. Guillaume and C. Brihaye --
Cryptate complexes of generator-produced isotopes / K.A. Krohn, Y. Yano, T.F. Budinger, and B.R. Moyer --
Generator-produced Bi-212 chelated to chemically transformed monoclonal antibody to be used in radiotherapy / Otto A. Gansow, Robert W. Atcher, Daniel C. hyperlink, Arnold M. Friedman, Robert H. Seevers, Wendie Anderson, David A. Scheinberg, and Mette Strand.

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3 cm h e a v i l y s h i e l d e d Nal ( T l ) detector w i t h a 1 cm opening i n the c o l l i m a t o r was placed 20 cm from the o u t l e t of the gener­ a t o r . T h i s o u t l e t was connected to the intravenous tubing i n s e r t e d i n t o an a n t e c u b i t a l v e i n of the p a t i e n t . The de­ t e c t o r was connected to a spectrometer set at 260 keV w i t h a 10% window. Three-second measurements were performed im­ mediately a f t e r e l u t i o n i n groups of 6 e l u t i o n s repeated every 3 min i n each p a t i e n t .

Ch003 3. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. BETT ETAL. ch003 3. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. ch003 42 Time after activity absorbed on columns ( hours ) Figure 4. CPG Lipoamide Columns: Time dependence of e l u t i o n e f f i c i e n c y f o r d i f f e r e n t " s p e c i f i c a c t i v i t y " columns. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984.

H. Coleman i n the e a r l y stages of t h i s work, and a l s o D. L. Stone, P. L. Evans and D. Cooper - students who have a l l contributed g r e a t l y to t h i s work. F i n a l l y our thanks are due t o the V a r i a b l e Energy C y c l o t r o n s t a f f f o r providing proton beams on demand and f o r manufacture of targets and other apparatus. Literature Cited 1. J. Br. Heart J o u r n a l 1979, 41, 68-78. 2. C. B r . J. R a d i o l . 1969, 42,237. 3. A. J . Nucl. Med. 1980, 21,1169-1176.

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