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By Madeline Gay McClenney-Sadler

In  order to evaluate the aim and serve as of the incest narratives within the Pentateuch and the incest prohibitions of Leviticus 18, McClenney-Sadler's booklet deals a proper exam of old Israelite kniship terminology. in response to anthropologists, in simple terms via a proper research of relations phrases can incest prohibitions be accurately understood. A "formal" research of kinship phrases is a technique hired big apple ethnographers to check the kinship process of any given society with one of many six conventionally well-known kinship platforms worldwide.
 There are very particular culturally patterned and anticipated behaviors that each society adopts in terms of post-marital place of dwelling, ideas of descent, kinship terminology and incest prohibitions. those styles are socially conditioned and finally produce both of the six knishp platforms. a detailed analyzing of the biblical textual facts in gentle of Syro-Palestinian archaeology permits ut to finish that the kinship method of historic Israel was once common Hawaiian. moreover, the interior good judgment and constitution of Leviticus 18 turns into transparent after we realize that descent isn't organic yet jural in nature. examining Leviticus 18 with this concept in view, we discover general Hawaiian kinship process is mirrored in either the Genesis incest narratives and the jual-legal kind of Leviticus 18. A hierarchy of kinship turns into obvious within the shape and constitution of Leviticus 18. particularly, we see during this shape that better halves and moms have been taken care of as heads of family members in biblical legislations and endowed with spousal and parental rights and authority over some other friend, not just in incest legislation, yet in all concerns. The jural authority of moms and other halves is structurally represented as moment simply to that of Yahweh.


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Arthur P. Wolf, "Childhood Association and Sexual Attraction: A Further Test of the Westermarck Hypothesis," American Anthropologist 72 (1970): 503-15. 3. 23 Wolf recognized that other factors could contribute to this aversion but found no evidence to substantiate his critics' views. 24 More recently, ethological studies and studies that have duplicated W o l f s findings provide more evidence o f an aversion to close kin. 26 As such, Wolf reaffirms Westermarck's view on early childhood association but maintains his cautious stance on social and biological concerns.

Wilhelm Wundt, Volkerpsychologie (Leipzig: W. Englemann, 1906), 306. 9 Freud summarizes: Taboos are very ancient prohibitions which at one time were forced upon a generation of primitive people from without, that is, they probably were forcibly impressed upon them by an earlier generation. These prohibitions concerned actions for which there existed a strong desire. The prohibitions maintained themselves from generation to generation.. the persistence of taboo teaches, however one thing, namely, that the original pleasure to do the forbidden still continues among taboo races.

The importance of this distinction is that English speakers in biblical studies have assumed that descriptive terms in English are also descriptive in Hebrew when in fact they may be classificatory. For example, the term "sister" is descriptive in English but, as we shall see, in Hebrew it is classificatory. Consequently, one cannot be absolutely sure who is denoted when that term is attested in Hebrew, since whatever it means, it does not only mean a female blood-related relative who shares the same parents.

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