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Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God

A up to date string of popular-level books written by means of the hot Atheists have leveled the accusation that the God of the previous testomony is not anything yet a bully, a assassin, and a cosmic baby abuser. This point of view is even making inroads into the church. How are Christians to reply to such accusations? and the way are we to reconcile the likely disconnected natures of God portrayed within the testaments?

Subversive Scribes and the Solomonic Narrative: A Rereading of 1 Kings 1-11 (The Library of Hebrew Bible - Old Testament Studies)

"Subversive Scribes and the Solomonic Narrative" seeks, partially, to give a contribution to the continuing dialogue through investigating the Solomonic narrative throughout the optics of propaganda and, in particular, subversion. considering past reviews have already given huge consciousness to the propagandistic capability of varied points of the Solomonic narrative, Seibert's publication explores examples of scribal subversion in "1 Kings" 1-11.

Discoveries in the Judaean Desert: Volume VIII. The Greek Minor Prophets Scroll from Nahal Hever (8HevXIIgr): The Seiyâl Collection, I: Seiyal Collection Vol 8

This e-book features a new edition of the scroll that represents an early revision of the Septuagint towards a more in-depth correspondence with the Hebrew textual content of the Bible. After an intensive advent, the quantity offers the textual content with and with out reconstructions, notes on palaeography and reconstructions, and a observation on translation strategy, orthographic peculiarities, and textual kinfolk.

Prophecy and the Prophets in Ancient Israel: Proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament Seminar

This significant paintings re-examines prophecy and the prophets in historical Israel, with essays ranging all of the means from Israel's historical close to japanese history correct as much as the hot testomony. the vast majority of essays be aware of prophecy and the prophets within the outdated testomony, that are approached from a striking variety of diversified angles.

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This gathering starts late in the evening. Males sit in a circle and have their leader to facilitate the entire gathering. The mukhukhu gathering helps young members to learn the Bible by means of chorus and dance (re bina mukhukhu, that is, we dance and sing mukhukhu; or ba bina mukhukhu, that is, they sing and dance mukhukhu). Here is a peripheral reading the Bible. For the purposes of this essay, I have decided to focus on some of the works of Solly Moholo as an example of this form of reading.

Indeed, sexual abuse is a dominant element in his work, with picture after picture—see, for example, “Great Temptation in the Garden” (1995), “It’s Dad, Mum” (1995), “Dogs on Duty” (1995), “Summer Friday Night with the Taxi-Driver” (1996), and “In the Eyes of a Pedophile” (1996)—cataloguing forms of sexual abuse. Significantly, Makhoba does not restrict himself to analyzing the sexual abuse of women and children, though these images do predominate, he also explores the sexual abuse of men (“Great Temptation in the Garden” [1995]) by white madams.

Matt. 4–16” (J. Campbell, Klaar Water, 27 July 1813 [CWM. Africa. South Africa. Incoming correspondence. Box 5–2-D]). ” (Campbell 1815:199). But only some sense, for her questions do not seem to deal directly with the passage read. The passage clearly makes sense to the missionaries, being made to bear the full weight of English missionary images of Africa (see Comaroff and Comaroff 1991:86–125). However, such allusions are probably absent from Mmahutu’s hearing of this sentence from the Bible.

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