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By R. Norman Whybray

This publication discusses the idea that the Psalter used to be compiled with the categorical purpose that it may be used as a ebook for personal religious examining. it really is argued that if this have been so, the paintings of the ultimate editors do not have been constrained to arranging the psalms in a selected order yet may have integrated additions and interpolations meant to offer the complete publication a brand new orientation. An research of chosen psalms exhibits that even though the Psalter can have turn into a ebook for personal devotion no longer lengthy after its compilation, there's little proof that it was once compiled for that purpose.

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There is a close connection between the illumination and radiance of the life-giving sun and the divine Law that enlightens the eyes and illumines the servant of God. The contemplation of the sun shocks the readers into an awareness of their unworthiness (vv. 12-14). If the heavens extol God's glory, the readers pray that their own lives may be acceptable to God. Craigie saw v. 7b, 'there is nothing hidden from its heat', as the turning point of the psalm. Both sun and Torah dominate human life, but each is both welcome and terrifying, both life-imparting and also scorching and purifying.

Kraus, Schmidt and Craigie nevertheless attempted to envisage a scenario for the whole psalm. However, the psalmist in the second part, at least in v. 11, speaks a different language from that employed in the first part of the psalm. The case for the majority opinion is therefore an attractive one: that is, that vv. 7-14 are the work of a different and later writer. Verse 11 contains textual difficulties and is perhaps incomplete; but the key phrase, horeniyhwh darkeka, 'Teach me, O Yahweh, your way', is significant.

8-10 and the thanksgiving of vv. 12-13 with the purpose of adding a prayer for instruction to a section that is concerned with the praise of Yahweh for his greatness and salvific action. Other verses have been identified as having close affinities with the wisdom Psalm 25 (on which see below). Psalm 92 There can be no doubt that vv. 7-8 of this psalm belong to the wisdom tradition. The phrase 3iS bacar, 'stupid man', in v. 7 occurs nowhere else in the Old Testament, but the word bacar itself, which occurs also in the wisdom psalm 73 (v.

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