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By Thomas Erl

A hands-on advisor to keeping Linux info from safeguard dangers. Introduces readers to the seven lethal sins of Linux safeguard, displaying tips on how to organize firewalls, holiday in case reports, block junk mail, advance inner safety regulations, and get over an intrusion quick. Softcover. DLC: Linux.

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Because the concept of a password is a sequence of characters known only to the person or persons allowed to use an account, a password should be hard for either someone who knows the person or a stranger to guess. The ispell dictionary on most Linux systems allows easy breaking of weak passwords. net/pub/crypto/wordlists/ Most distributions now offer shadow passwords, kept in the /etc/shadow file only readable by root. This prevents a cracker from copying the world-readable / etc/passwd to his system and running a password cracking program like John the Ripper and then logging in as root.

All a user needs to do is to alter this form and give himself a discount. Very little skill is required for a user to use this exploit. Many sites never detect the loss. 0 have this "price in the form" bug and that even though this bug was widely known for four months, the vendor has chosen not to repair this [8] problem. ● ● If possible enumerate the allowed values instead of using ranges. Understand, too, that an evil Web client can send any bytes back to your server. The cracker might copy and alter your Web form so that, even if your form pops up a list of the member European Union countries, she could supply crash_with_a_long_name_having_control_characters ● Use a secure language.

Dobb's Journal. His article provided some inspiration for this section. Book: Real World Linux® Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery Section: Chapter 2. 2 The Seven Most Deadly Sins Danger Level These are the seven common problems most likely to allow major damage to occur to your system or bank account. If any of these are currently a problem on your systems, you should take care of them immediately. 1 Weak Passwords (#1) As a system administrator, you are aware of the system breaches possible on your Linux machine.

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