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By Peter Kropotkin

This booklet is the easiest creation to Kropotkin's rules that i've got learn and it even offers a slightly impartial definition of anarchism that Kropotkin had written for the Encyclopedia Britannica. because it is a chain of pamphlets that Kropotkin had written, and was once initially meant for the categorical goal of informing and profitable the aid of the general public, it's offered in a transparent, concise, and simply digestable model, with no pretense.

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They have always known that there were plenty of starving men who would do it for a few cents a day. As to the third-the chief--objection. which maintains the necessity of a government for punishing those who break the law of society, there is so much to say about it that it hardly can be touched incidentally. The more we study the ques­ tion, the more we are brought to the conclusion that society itself is responsible for the anti-social deeds perpetrated in its midst. and that no punishment. no prisons.

It is becoming understood that majority rule is as defective as any other kind of rule; and humanity st:arches and finds new channels for resolving the pending questions. The Postal Union did not elect an international postal parlia­ ment in order to make laws for all postal organizations adher­ ent to the Union. The railways of Europe did not elect an international railway parliament in order to regulate the running of the trains and the partition of the income of international traffic. And the Meteorological and Geological Societies of Europe did not elect either meteorological or geological parliaments to plan polar stations, or to establish a uniform subdivision of geological formations and a uniform coloration of geological maps.

The penny bridge disap­ pears before the public bridge; and the turnpike road before the free road. The same spirit pervades thousands of other institutions. Museums, free libraries, and free public schools; parks and pleasure grounds ; paved and lighted streets, free for everybody's use; water supplied to private dwellings,. with a growing tendency towards disregarding the exact amount of it used by the individual; tramways and railways which have already begun to introduce the season ticket or the uniform tax, and will surely go much further in this line when they are no longer private property: all these are tokens showing in what direction further progress is to be expected.

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