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In this biography Ekbert Faas pioneers a brand new form of "life-writing." It tells its tales throughout the feelings, concepts, and, particularly, language of the dramatis personae, replacing the authorial omniscience of conventional biography for an utter constancy to assets. taking into consideration contradictory viewpoints, anecdotes are advised and re-told, letting Creeley display himself underneath the myths created via self-invention, wishful pondering, and, occasionally, distortion. Excerpts from autobiographical writings by means of the poet's first spouse, Ann McKinnon, whole this intriguingly vibrant and intricate picture.

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But as I looked into the mirror I became aware of the fact that I saw before me not my face but the back of a head, and behind that head I saw the mirror. There was no reflection of my face in it. My range of vision increased, and I saw a man, standing looking into a mirror. I did not know that man. He was as unfamiliar to me as any complete stranger might have been. Then my face, without warning, leaped before me. I think my soul had returned to my body. " He looked at his companion who sat before him.

Other stimulants were more potent. While repentant of his past Bohemian follies, he had obviously never stopped drinking, though the booze went down far less smoothly in Burma and India than at home. The rye imbibed in the back of the ambulance truck, for instance, made your mouth feel like fur or caused you to sweat even more than usual. But here a Sikh provided a remedy. 44 ROBERT CREELEY Bob found that these men, of whose soldierly prowess he thought so little, could be intriguingly charming, or signal more in one phrase or gesture than a European in a whole evening's conversation.

A pretty but plain face with wide apart eyes, the nose with a slight snub. Once at a friend's birthday party, Ann, normally allowed no more than one or two cookies per dinner, glutted herself on cake and ice cream. The house resounded with the screaming and laughter of neighbourhood kids. Ann let three boys feel her small breasts while they hid with her behind a couch. Or listen to this: Later Ann had been sent to spend the summer at a farm run by a clergyman who took on female boarders of good social background: that is, wealthy, nice girls.

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