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By Darrell Pitt (ed.)

Interviews with fifty writers as they discuss writing, publishing and selling their books within the electronic age. the various writers are conventional authors. Others have equipped careers as self-published e-book authors. It comprises interviews with authors who write detective tales, westerns, romance, thrillers and children’s books.
Included are:
John Locke, the 1st self released book writer to promote one million copies of his novels.
Micaela Wendell who used to be 13 while she wrote the 1st draft of her publication The Branding.
Dolores Durando who wrote and released her first booklet while she became ninety.
And the superb Robert J Randisi who has written over novels.
All of them proportion counsel and recommendation garnered from front line as they've got effectively develop into writers within the electronic age.

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Steven - Probably the biggest thing is character and understanding how important the people are in a story, then it's forced me to listen and listen hard. As a writer doing tv stuff your characters need to SOUND and ACT just as they would in the shows. You need to sound like John Barrowman or Dougie Henshall when you're writing a line for Captain Jack or Professor Cutter. It then becomes very useful when writing your own stuff because you get how the nuances of character work so much better than before.

Darrell - How did you become a writer? Bill - At the risk of invoking cliché, it all started with being a reader. When I was a kid I read everything and anything I could. Luckily, my parents had a large collection of books and encouraged reading. By the time I was twelve, I had read all of the Tolkien books, all of the Oz books, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Dune, and many more. In high school, when most of my peers were dreading Dickens and Dostoevsky and Woolf, I looked forward to A Tale of Two Cities, Crime and Punishment, and Mrs.

It's as if the facts on the ground are always so grim that it's impossible for even our most brilliant writers and artists to imagine a road that leads anywhere but Armageddon. Bright, hopeful futures are relegated to Disneyesque animations, if they're told at all. Of course, the facts on the ground ARE grim when it comes to matters of ecological stewardship, peace, and prosperity across our world. " But it occurs to me that we can hardly ask corrupt politicians to set us on a more hopeful road if our artists and writers can't even imagine one.

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