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By Sebastian Rödl

the subject of this ebook is self-consciousness, that's a type of wisdom, particularly wisdom of oneself as oneself, or self-knowledge. Sebastian Rödl's thesis is that self-knowledge isn't empirical; it doesn't spring from sensory affection. relatively, self-knowledge is wisdom from spontaneity; its item and its resource are the subject's personal task, within the basic example its acts of pondering, either theoretical and sensible pondering, trust and motion.

The chapters of this booklet conceal motion and trust, freedom and cause, receptive wisdom and the second one individual. each one of those issues merits its personal booklet. And but they might all be books on self-consciousness, for self-consciousness is the primary in their respective issues. modern theories were badly served by means of failing to recognize this. Taking the complete degree of this perception calls for a huge conceptual reorientation in motion conception, the philosophy of brain, and epistemology, that's began during this booklet. because it will be acknowledged to be the primary suggestion animating Kant and his Idealist successors that self-consciousness occupies this important place, the ebook will be learn as an try to get better and rejuvenate the fulfillment of the German Idealist culture.

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