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By David C. Gompert

Notes the expanding hole within the abilitiy of the U.S. and eu militaries to function efectively with one another, and examines how you can handle the problem.

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Jagdwaffe - Spanish Civil War

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The Defense of Jisr al-Doreaa: With E. D. Swinton's ''The Defence of Duffer's Drift''

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Intelligence sharing regarding terrorist networks, strategies, and intentions is imperative. Oldfashioned swapping of information—“We’ll show you what 15The broader concept of homeland security includes law enforcement, information network protection, aviation security, and many other efforts that do not involve the use of military forces. 16Within the EU, 9/11 has triggered beginings of what could become an internal EU security community, depending on the extent to which the European Commission is given a role.

This is purely a matter of operational efficacy and safety. What capabilities would allies need to carry out key tasks throughout an entire operation? • • • • • • • • • 42 Long-range airlift (in large numbers) Offensive and defensive information operations SOF Rapidly deployable, light, lethal, mobile ground forces In-theater mobility for forces and logistics Long-range strike platforms Stand-off precision munitions Penetrating tactical strike aircraft Surface-to-surface missiles $ • Missile defense interceptors and battle management systems • Interoperable C4ISTAR.

S. forces and the needed transformation of European forces are as much about CONOPS as about equipment. Closely related to both technical and doctrinal cooperability is compatibility in the way forces are structured for operations. S. ) to operate with, say, a nonmodular allied ground-force division. Another crucial dimension of cooperability, as well as of transformation, is the ways in which forces are prepared for operations: experimentation, simulations, training, and exercises. S. 19 Table 2 shows the cooperability requirements for the three basic missions.

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