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L)(;s operating. M,_st plants had transl'ormers and ,_l'ten hreakers within the site's pn_tected area. Switchyards were located ncarhy0 hut usually in whole ,_r in part outside the protected area. "l'he_e switchyards may conlail_ a few transl'ormers, hutoftencontained onlybreakersand switches. "l'hey were usually I'enced if _,utside the protected area, and usually had a h_ckedgale. ()i'len there was a control l_uildin_ wilhin lhe swilchy;=rd, wilh allendanl vehicle tral'l'ic. 'l'his huildingwas seld_m_locatedadjacentto a switchyard entrance _i|te.

Fl)l_ was i_ucd in r_:sp_mset_ ( iencrl_: _hutdtwvn. _Ix I() _'i've! rt`ach_r-)'c_ir. _. HA( ' /'14. 'c,% It_lalin_! _l,m. ,irch!. t` tirol), _tn;ill c_HIlrll_UllzUl. _CqLIClICC_, IICC_IIlIIIlII_ Itu,14perccnlt_lthe h_Iill ('111'. _. _h_rc ct_ie c_fllng. _ix _equcn_'c,,. _I ('I)I. _,h)t;|lIl|_ 5II pt`rccnl _1'the ('I)F; a I()( 'A 4 1 ebrook I'RA for huldown ()peration +l'hu' ,_eahn_¢_k PP,A llll'¢)rlllillltUl WII_ ctfllc_;tcd l'rnm=I nlllnhcr _i"pre,_cnl_it,ms tile llct`n_cc made`I_tile NR('. shtildt_wn).

Some had proven containment integrity; others did not, and may not have attained an integral ccmtainment that meets GL/18--17 rccommendations, IIWR secondary containments were judged unlikely h) prevent an early release following initiation of hoiling with an open RCS or during potential severe-core-danaage scenarios. Among the BWRs, only the Mark 111primary containment appeared potentially capable t)l' preventing an early release without hardware rnod_tications during such events. 9 l'_r a more complete assessment ofcontainment capahility, in general, no plans wcrc found in P,WRs for containmcnt closure or for dealing with c(mditi_ms under which the c_mtainment may hc challenged, A number of licensees planned to initiate containment cl_surc immediately upon loss of RI IR.

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